Synonyms for Divination:


clairvoyant, channel, seance, Ouija Board, medium. oracle, vision, foresight. augury (noun)
insight, extrasensory perception, forecast, Oneiromancy, Graphology, pyromancy, Anthropomancy, I Ching, prognostics, hydromancy, interpretation of omens, foreshadowing, Ophiomancy, Axinomancy, warning, portent, Belomancy, phrenology, table tipping, Ornithomancy, Aleuromancy, clairvoyance, Thaumaturgy, tea-leaf reading, dowsing, Genethliacs, Catoptromancy, palmistry, Ichthyomancy, Bibliomancy, Hieromancy, Aeromancy, Cleromancy, Alectryomancy, crystal gazing, rhabdomancy, horoscopy, spirit rapping, Sciomancy, psephomancy, Alphitomancy, chiromancy, ESP, casting the planchette, intimation, Dactyliomancy, calculation, lithomancy, Haruspicy, fortunetelling, Crystallomancy.
communication (noun)
divination (noun)
fortune telling, soothsaying, foretelling, prophecy.
fortune-telling (noun)
palmistry, soothsaying, horoscopy, prophecy.
prediction (noun)
palmistry, prophecy, forecast.
psychical research (noun)
hypnotism, spiritualism, psychotherapy, hysteria, necromancy, supernaturalism, sorcery, telepathy, astrology, hallucination, fortune telling, soothsaying, mysticism, psychoanalysis, psychology.
sorcery (noun)

Other synonyms:

Ouija Board, seance. calculation. oracle. medium. channel. chiromancy
Other relevant words:
medium, foretelling, forecast, foreshadowing, insight, Thaumaturgy, warning, foresight, prophecy, Genethliacs, palmistry, calculation, horoscopy, channel, vision, oracle, Haruspicy, chiromancy, clairvoyance, fortunetelling, seance, portent.

Usage examples for divination

  1. The question might with advantage be examined at the census of 1911. The next characteristic of the Khasis which marks them out for special notice is their method of divination for ascertaining the causes of misfortune and the remedies to be applied. – The Khasis by P. R. T. Gurdon
  2. The same would apply to a combination of signs, one of the fundamental principles of divination being- once favorable, always favorable. – Babylonian-Assyrian Birth-Omens and Their Cultural Significance by Morris Jastrow
  3. I felt at once that the dog's superior powers of divination might be of use, on such an errand as mine was. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins