Synonyms for Vision:


angelic, angel, blasphemous, absolution, archangel, blaspheme, blasphemy, blessing, bless, Perceiving, article of faith. ecstasy, judgment, intelligence, wisdom, warlock, intellect, common sense, wraith, nightmare, phantom, brilliance, spirit, specter, illusion, reason, ghost, clarity. blind spot, binocular vision, light, astigmatism, cataract, eye, see, 20/20 vision, eagle eye, the blind, double vision. fairyland, eden, prescience, beauty spot, farsightedness, gem, shangri-la, work of art, wonderland, babe magnet, foresight. real, a ray of light/comfort, prayer, pious hope, expectation, optimism, figment, Phantasm, future, light at the end of the tunnel, fiction, hope, daydream, Phantasma. divination, soothsaying, vaticination. envision, fantasize, visualize, envisage, picture, think, feature, conceive, imagine, thoughts. ability to perceive with eyes (noun)
perception, seeing, sight, Perceiving, eyesight.
apparition (noun)
apocalypse, illusion, revelation, ecstasy, wraith, prophecy, specter, phantom, warlock, ghost, spirit, oracle.
biblical revelation (noun)
appearance, manifestation, inspiration, emergence, issuance, evidence, coming, epiphany, materialization, discovery, revelation, apotheosis, apocalypse, disclosure, prophecy, gospel, apparition, oracle, Revealment.
ghost (noun)
idea (noun)
inkling, theory, principle, thought, notion, observation, consideration, opinion, plan, perception, image, brainstorm, reflection, concept, ideation, design.
imagination (noun)
idea, thinking, fantasy, Dreams, brainchild, dream, contemplation, imagination, creation, Daydreams, conception, creativity, supposition, invention.
mental image, concept (noun)
divination, keenness, insight, foreknowledge, intuition, idea, dream, foresight, nightmare, farsightedness, Phantasm, conception, astuteness, fantasy, prescience, imagination, discernment, outlook, daydream.
point of view (noun)
prediction (noun)
understanding (noun)
divination, farsightedness, keenness, astuteness, insight, intuition, foreknowledge, acumen, foresight, prescience.
very beautiful thing or person (noun)
picture, angel.
vision (noun)
imaginativeness, discernment, viewpoint, eyesight, seeing, outlook, Witnessing, regarding, watching, imagination, visual modality, visual sensation, sight, inspection, visual sense.
wraith (noun)

Other synonyms:

imagine, Phantasma, wonderland, babe magnet, insight, judgment, expectation, spirit, wisdom, visualize, figment, divination, work of art, envisage, fiction, fairyland. gem, hope, prayer, prescience, conceive. picture, eye. future. see. think. light. apparition
Other relevant words:
envision, see, figment, soothsaying, fantasize, daydream, visual sensation, ecstasy, eye, imagine, prescience, eden, ghost, illusion, angel, acumen, wisdom, prayer, insight, wraith, fiction, feature, intuition, divination, think, Phantasma, conceive, phantom, keenness, foresight, hope, imaginativeness, future, Phantasm, envisage, vaticination, light, farsightedness, spirit, warlock, visual modality, astuteness, judgment, expectation, foreknowledge, picture, visual sense, nightmare, visualize, Perceiving, specter, brilliance.

Usage examples for vision

  1. Now, though all this vision or whatever you may please to call it, seemed brief enough, it took longer than the telling, for Messer Dante told me that the next thing he knew was that he heard my voice calling to him. – The God of Love by Justin Huntly McCarthy
  2. No human vision can see me. – The Gospel of the Hereafter by J. Paterson-Smyth
  3. And what vision he had! – The Pool in the Desert by Sara Jeanette Duncan