Synonyms for Sense:


mastery, competence, taste, gift, sight, talent, skill, proficiency, aptitude, hearing, prowess, function. fairness, discretion, idea, faith, theory, concept, ideal, philosophy, belief, principle, commitment. feeling, intuition, insight, clarity, brilliance, discernment, vision, judgment. assail, assault, kinaesthetic, sensitivity, sensitiveness, keen, acute, distinguish, sentiment, sensibility. balanced, mature, realistic, pragmatic, practical, logical, rational, Grounded, Clear-headed, knowledge, cognizance, perception, sensible. mentality, motivation, in justification of something, pretext, cause, brainpower, motive, ground, ability, occasion, wit, point, smart, excuse. perspective, approach, wisdom, mindset, view, framework, school of thought, viewpoint, pragmatism. grind, backfire, cut out, flood, cycle, burn up, sanity, marble, idle, soundness, go, saneness, sane, fire, lucidity, Lucidness, engagement. rationalness, thrust, substance, rationale, logic, rationality, subtext, usage. meaning, connotation, Significancy, import, significance, value, signification, message, acceptation, intent, purport, denotation. awareness, perception (noun)
idea (noun)
in a way (noun)
somehow, to a degree, somewhat.
knowledge (noun)
meaning (noun)
idea, signification, significance.
mental ability (noun)
imagination, knowledge, judgment, dullness, cleverness, idiocy, wit, reasoning.
sanity (noun)
sensation (noun)
sound judgment (noun)
common sense.


feel (verb)
grope, experience, undergo, fumble, respond, finger, probe, touch, handle.
perception (verb)
sense (verb)
detect, perceive, feel.

Other synonyms:

distinguish, brainpower, kinaesthetic, judgment, sensitiveness, assail, rationality, rationalness, ability, saneness, acceptation. purport, rationale, subtext, view, denotation, cognizance, sanity, meaning, assault, sensibility, Significancy, signification, Lucidness, keen. mentality, logic, value, marble, soundness, lucidity, significance, usage, sensitivity. wit, perception. connotation, acute, message, intent. sentiment. good sense
wisdom, good sense.

Usage examples for sense

  1. She ought to have had more sense – Patty's Success by Carolyn Wells