Synonyms for Detection:


all-points bulletin, check, APB, clue, agent provocateur, checkpoint, clampdown, beat, Amber alert, clean up. detect, anatomize, empirical, biopiracy, control, Animal Rights, double blind, chromatography, dissect. cognition (noun)
detection (noun)
spotting, detective work, sleuthing, signal detection, catching, espial, police investigation, detecting, spying, sensing.
discovery (noun)
apocalypse, discovery, deduction, revelation, recognition, realization, disclosure, manifestation, acquisition, espial, breakthrough, solution, exposure, determination, unmasking, unraveling, identification.

Other synonyms:

empirical, double blind, chromatography, biopiracy, Animal Rights. anatomize, dissect, detect. control. Other relevant words:
detect, sleuthing, police investigation, chromatography, catching, signal detection, sensing, spotting, spying, dissect, empirical, detective work, detecting, biopiracy.

Usage examples for detection

  1. And I got it climbing over the wall at The Grange, to escape detection – Recalled to Life by Grant Allen
  2. Here Tarzan found greater difficulty in escaping detection but he managed to do so successfully. – The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs