Synonyms for Trash:


residual (adjective)


mutilate, shatter, ravage, devastate, eat away, obliterate, destroy. cesspit, rascal, aristocracy, hoi polloi, dustpan, chamber pot, dustbin, bin, ashtray, ashcan, dumpster, bedpan, garbage can. harangue, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, debris, censure, savage, castigate, tell off, residue, attack, take/bring/hold someone to task. remove, drivel, replace, twaddle, eradicate, do away with, throw away, dispose of, dump. hooey, garbage, baloney, bull, tommyrot, balderdash, claptrap, poppycock, rigmarole, remains, bilge, landfill, knowledge, tomfoolery, ruin, piffle, bunkum, idiocy, e-waste, malarkey, blather, bunk. rabble, a pathetic/poor/sad excuse for something, an apology for something, over, parody, riffraff, dreg, dog, ragtag and bobtail, rich, lumpenproletariat. vandalize, layman, white trash, the untrained eye, redneck, hillbilly, laywoman, help, peasant. bad person (noun)
deception (noun)
garbage (noun)
offal, sediment, rubbish, scum, debris, refuse, dross, filth, Leavings, scrap, rubble, excess, dregs, litter, Sweepings, waste, odds and ends, residue, junk.
remains (noun)
ridiculous communication (noun)
drivel, tripe, malarkey, balderdash, twaddle, bilge.
rubbish (noun)
excess, residue, money, dross, Leavings, debris, sediment, garbage, filth, rubble, offal, refuse, odds and ends, dregs, waste, goods, litter, Sweepings.
trash (noun)
tripe, tear apart, scum, codswallop, folderol, scrap, applesauce, junk, trumpery, rubbish, wish-wash, pan.
waste (noun)
waste matter (noun)
slag, slash, rags, frippery, stuff, shoddy.


refuse (verb)
reject (verb)
disgorge, curtail, scrap, disapprove, crop, belch, seep, exhaust, eject, junk, cut, exude, exclude, jettison, discharge, abandon, blackball, eliminate, check, drain, excise, excrete, deep-six, lop, discard, chop, erupt, snip, shear, blacklist, cull, oppugn, bar, spew, vomit, secrete, reject, clip, disallow, vent, emit, shed, evacuate, disclaim, deny, jilt.
remains (verb)

Other synonyms:

destroy, shatter, piffle, bunkum, lumpenproletariat, baloney, white trash, hooey, eat away, tommyrot, ravage, redneck, ragtag and bobtail, bilge, malarkey, mutilate, obliterate, e-waste. layman, peasant, dreg, devastate, riffraff, landfill, balderdash, blather, remains, dregs, twaddle, laywoman, rabble, rigmarole. drivel, claptrap, parody. poppycock, idiocy, ruin, tomfoolery. bull. waste. dog. destroy
Sweepings, filth.
refuse, dross, rubbish.
Other relevant words:
idiocy, claptrap, odds and ends, malarkey, blather, bull, dross, attack, redneck, dispose of, debris, dog, devastate, landfill, peasant, bunkum, dump, ruin, pan, balderdash, baloney, shoddy, folderol, applesauce, refuse, frippery, poppycock, tomfoolery, eradicate, ravage, riffraff, codswallop, dumpster, dregs, rubble, censure, vandalize, waste, rags, destroy, scum, offal, rabble, goods, sediment, hooey, excess, piffle, slag, bunk, wish-wash, obliterate, tripe, Sweepings, throw away, rigmarole, rubbish, drivel, bilge, twaddle, trumpery, garbage, litter, tommyrot, residue, filth, tear apart, hoi polloi, ragtag and bobtail, stuff, Leavings, dreg, remains, lumpenproletariat, e-waste.

Usage examples for trash

  1. Don't know, but I'se see Missus Belmont talkin' to a white trash more'n once, and I 'spects somthin'. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood
  2. That's not a bad idea, especially when one has just stumbled over some trash – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal