Synonyms for Absorb:


anglicize, sense, acceptance, absorption, acculturate, communal, assimilation, community. retrain, acquaint yourself with something, give, develop, keep up, train, soak, pick up. cope, work out, awareness, shrug off, overcome, surmount, monopolize, get through, preoccupy, excite, carry off, manage. enthuse, motivate, fire someone with enthusiasm, dazzle. finish, deplete, go through, run out, get down to, eat into. absorb (noun)
assimilate, engage, plunge, take up, sop up, ingest, engulf, soak up, occupy, draw, take in, steep, engross, take over, imbibe, immerse, suck up.


learn (verb)
digest, understand, assimilate, realize, master, study, learn, glean, read, discover, comprehend, grasp.
mentally take in information (verb)
get, comprehend, understand, grasp, learn, digest, assimilate, sense, incorporate.
occupy complete attention (verb)
immerse, engross, engage, preoccupy, monopolize.
physically take in a liquid (verb)
imbibe, soak up, take in, ingest, devour, blot, sop up.
possession (verb)
take over.
receive (verb)
engorge, eat, access, acquire, gulp, get, devour, admit, ingest, take, inspire, inhale, accept, receive, gobble, pocket.

Other synonyms:

develop, absorption, retrain, magnetize, communal, acculturate, pick up, pressurize, conduct, train, anglicize, acceptance, decompress, preoccupy, assimilation. keep up, community. soak. consume
soak up.
monopolize, engross.
soak up
take in.
take up.

Usage examples for absorb

  1. Then the question of the future presented itself again, and he asked:- " When are you going to absorb me?" – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  2. My sole object in entering Alfred Fluette's study, therefore, was prompted by a hope that I might absorb something of its atmosphere. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk