Synonyms for Notice:


centerfold, cartoon, intimation, sign, advice column, artwork, banner headline, classified ad, cheesecake, byline, article. red alert, early warning, enlightenment, do's and don'ts, alarm bells, code red, declaration. notify, spot, pick out, declare, announce, tell. certificate, document, Annual Report, cognizance, company report, blue book, dossier, knowledge, regard, Consent Form, charter, espial, confidentiality agreement, heed, concept statement. carry, billboard, directory, keep out, banner, show, bulletin board, noticeboard, no., plaque. delay, manifesto, pause, recess, proclamation, edict, annunciation, intermission, halt, cooling-off period, pronouncement, interval, interruption, interlude. newscast, exclusive, newsworthy, opinion, front page, critique, headline-grabbing, words, newsroom, current affairs, criticism. mind, descry, discern. alarm (noun)
call, bell, flare, foghorn, beacon, semaphore, buoy, whistle, siren, horn.
announcement, information (noun)
communication, circular, caveat, news, caution, proclamation, intimation, advertisement, criticism, warning, review, enlightenment, declaration, critique, sign, poster, handbill, comment, manifesto.
attention (noun)
concern, attention, concentration, absorption, fascination, diligence, attentiveness, interest, mindfulness, alertness, heedfulness, care, watchfulness, regardfulness, observation, scrutiny, rapture, entrancement, regard, engrossment, caution, immersion, enrapture, consideration, intentness.
cognition (noun)
observance, observation.
importance (noun)
manifesto (noun)
memory (noun)
news (noun)
announcement, dispatch, news, communication, report, account, epistle, information, message, release, bulletin, flash, statement, gossip, rumor.
notice (noun)
discover, mark, remark, placard, poster, point out, comment, card, observation, detect, find, posting, note, observe, bill, observance, acknowledge.
observation (noun)
cognizance, mind, consideration, heed, remark, mark, note, care, concern, attention, observance, regard.
publication (noun)
gazette, journalism, brief, broadcast, propaganda, organ, advertisement, commercial, newsmagazine, handbill, herald, post, promulgation, promotion, publication, dissemination, periodical, circular, journal, review, newsletter, newspaper.
publicity (noun)
warning (noun)
alert, threat, caveat, alarm, advisory, warning.


greet (verb)
greet, embrace, wave, hug, receive, accost, acknowledge, curtsy, kiss, hail, signal, welcome, salaam, approach, vociferate, kowtow, nod, salute, smile, shake hands with, bow.
observe, perceive (verb)
descry, acknowledge, discern, detect, spot.

Other synonyms:

discern, keep out, code red, heed, early warning, bulletin board, newscast, plaque, red alert, current affairs, espial, newsroom, noticeboard, newsworthy, headline-grabbing. billboard, declaration, banner, front page, manifesto, critique, annunciation. pronouncement, descry, proclamation. directory, criticism, exclusive, edict, spot. tell. sign. no.. carry. awareness
pick out.
Other relevant words:
detect, billboard, discern, proclamation, comment, manifesto, bulletin board, point out, directory, declaration, blue book, newscast, sign, cognizance, mark, observe, banner, regard, criticism, heed, newsworthy, newsroom, pick out, posting, mind, espial, critique, knowledge, early warning, card, notify, headline-grabbing, placard, announce, note, observance, find, plaque, discover, spot, annunciation, poster, intimation, declare, remark, edict, descry, enlightenment, bill, exclusive, tell, noticeboard, pronouncement.

Usage examples for notice

  1. Not so's you'd notice it. – Alias The Lone Wolf by Louis Joseph Vance
  2. Ethel did not notice it very much. – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  3. You notice how he makes some excuse. – The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo' by Jose Rizal