Synonyms for Scene:


aside, act, exhibition, comic relief, action, contrivance, ad lib, the credits, display, content, backstory, denouement. fuss, climate, conditions, uproar, event, state of affairs, disturbance, commotion. confrontation, argument, lookout, see, conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding, a war of words, fight, controversy, quarrel, dispute. locale, specialty, discipline, sphere, line, stage. viewpoint, backdrop, performing arts, set. area, venue, bailiwick, base, world, territory, domain, bag, realm, circle, terrain, province, department, whereabouts, center, orbit, field, subject, arena. be. act (noun)
artifact (noun)
circumstances (noun)
communication (noun)
condition (noun)
state of affairs.
display of emotion (noun)
fit, commotion, tantrum, fuss, confrontation.
drama (noun)
production, improvisational drama, art, pantomime, improvisation, broadway, tragedy, mystery, skit, excitement, theater, show, choreography, vaudeville, panorama, characterization, melodrama, variety, mime, rendering, teleplay, suspense, burlesque, drama, ballet, presentation, pageant, comedy, spectacle.
drawing (noun)
still life, painting, plan, landscape, illustration, blueprint, diagram, depiction, portrait, cartoon, picture, doodle, charcoal, study, Water color, pastel, sketch, drawing, masterpiece, tracing.
environment (noun)
field of interest (noun)
sphere, environment, world, field.
location (noun)
place, emplacement, posting, locus.
part of a dramatic performance (noun)
scene (noun)
fit, aspect, setting, view, conniption, picture, shot, vista, scenery, panorama, tantrum, prospect.
setting of a performance or event (noun)
spot, scenery, show, picture, pageant, arena, landscape, exhibition, site, backdrop, setting, locale, display, stage, view, set, spectacle, location, place, theater.
situation (noun)
post, aspect, property, disposition, station, modality, situation, site, circumstance, mode, state, condition, position, quality, formation, arrangement, standing, style, location, layout, environment, configuration, placement, ambience, spot, status.
stage setting (noun)
surreptitiously (noun)
secret, quietly, deviously.

Other synonyms:

stage, bailiwick, venue, lookout. field, arena, whereabouts, specialty, domain. realm, terrain, bag, discipline, sphere, backdrop, act, viewpoint, province. orbit, locale, department. center, area. territory, subject. circle. world. base. line. Other relevant words:
orbit, act, territory, backstory, disagreement, circle, conditions, center, contrivance, conniption, locale, prospect, terrain, whereabouts, misunderstanding, see, venue, bag, conflict, deviously, tantrum, world, climate, line, be, confrontation, shot, fight, base, viewpoint, dispute, quietly, view, field, lookout, argument, province, arena, action, controversy, commotion, discipline, setting, event, vista, denouement, stage, sphere, quarrel, disturbance, subject, content, bailiwick, display, area, exhibition, domain, aside, set, department, uproar, scenery, fit, secret, fuss, backdrop, realm, specialty.

Usage examples for scene

  1. Changes had come to him in the days that followed the scene with Ruth. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  2. The Miami immediately started for the scene of the disaster, and about noon of the next day arrived in sight of the vessel. – The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  3. The Overworld Act First:- Scene I. England. – The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes by Thomas Hardy