Synonyms for Fear:


abhorrence, scare, tremor, horror, cold feet, intrepidity, funk, aversion, courage, chill, revulsion. stakes, boldness, danger, presentiment, doubt, hesitation, bugbear, menace, hazard, perturbation, phobia, nervousness, peril, risk, bravery, uneasiness, irresolution, suspicion, gambling, trepidation, threat, despair, qualm. quail, lest, take fright, live in fear (of), chicken out, quake, have a horror of (doing) something, lose your nerve, in order to prevent, be/live in dread of. fear and trembling. alarm, apprehension (noun)
terror, uneasiness, horror, scare, concern, doubt, tremor, dread, timidity, foreboding, presentiment, cold feet, aversion, phobia, abhorrence, anxiety, funk, fright, angst, suspicion, agitation, faintheartedness, revulsion, cowardice, qualm, trepidation, despair, reverence.
emotion (noun)
feeling, anger, hatred, sadness, temperment, passion, sensation, sentiment, sympathy, mood, excitement, emotion.
expectation (noun)
envisioning, anticipation, expectancy, pessimism, worriment, foreboding, presumption, suspense, uncertainty, expectation, contemplation, apprehensiveness.
fear (noun)
angst, anxiety, reverence, apprehension, fright, intimidation, dread, fearfulness, spinelessness, venerate, care, agitation, concern, terror, faintheartedness, timidity, revere, funk, alarm, cowardice.
feeling (noun)
fearfulness, fright.
ghost (noun)
presentiment (noun)


feel alarm; be scared of (verb)

Other synonyms:

cold feet, peril. gambling, threat, menace, hazard, danger, chill, intrepidity, risk. dread
Other relevant words:
suspicion, chill, qualm, hesitation, gambling, funk, horror, threat, menace, bugbear, boldness, danger, quail, concern, courage, perturbation, reverence, stakes, presentiment, irresolution, peril, cold feet, intrepidity, aversion, hazard, venerate, despair, phobia, scare, care, revulsion, quake, fearfulness, revere, tremor, nervousness, doubt, uneasiness, trepidation, fear and trembling, abhorrence, lest, risk.

Usage examples for fear

  1. She looked back in fear at him. – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  2. To- night, I've no fear of anything. – The Princess Virginia by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  3. " No steenboks to- day, I fear he said. – Six Months at the Cape by R.M. Ballantyne