Synonyms for Shorts:


Chaps, cargo pants, breeches, baggies, bottoms, briefs, capri pants, underwear, britches, chinos, bell-bottoms, athletic underwear. clothing (noun)
frock, habit, trimming, topcoat, outfit, pillbox, turtle-neck, housecoat, evening gown, brassiere, footgear, halter, clothing, sarong, ensemble, blouse, shoes, bathrobe, homburg, smoking jacket, parka, duds, wrap, tunic, robe, jersey, boot, scarf, sweater, fez, kimono, wrapper, headdress, gown, dinner jacket, pants, raiment, pajamas, fedora, bowler, shawl, nightgown, jumper, blue jeans, stetson, vesture, burnoose, coat, vestment, suit, sari, windbreaker, corset, beret, bonnet, dress, kilt, pinafore, doublet, caftan, cloak, sports coat, mackintosh, jacket, trousers, skirt, ulster, sweat shirt, raincoat, pull over, crinoline, hat, petticoat, blazer, clothes, afghan, t-shirt, array, apparel, slicker, attire, garment, costume, stockings, poncho, pyjamas, fur, slacks, camisole, pea coat, cape, tuxedo, sweat suit, v neck, overcoat, dressing gown, chemise, smock, chapeau, trench coat, greatcoat, panties, shirt, garb.
clothing (plural) (noun)
cloaks, brassieres, jackets, bonnets, Scarves, trimmings, berets, dinner jackets, chemises, robes, caftans, trench coats, tunics, pea coats, garbs, greatcoats, slickers, evening gowns, Ponchos, skirts, capes, fedoras, burnooses, sweat shirts, camisoles, pinafores, jumpers, hats, halters, housecoats, pillboxes, overcoats, wrappers, shawls, blouses, saris, frocks, suits, corsets, v-necks, kimonos, smoking jackets, sweat suits, coats, kilts, petticoats, topcoats, pull-overs, mackintoshes, Afghans, costumes, turtle-necks, ensembles, Habits, headdresses, outfits, apparels, wraps, sports coats, parkas, crinolines, vestments, garments, Doublets, t-shirts, Stetsons, furs, Boots, sarongs, smocks, shirts, sweaters, dressing gowns, tuxedoes, gowns, bowlers, vestures, dresses, nightgowns, bathrobes, windbreakers, blazers, Jerseys, raincoats.
drawers (noun)
pants, underwear.
pants (noun)
trousers, panties, slacks, briefs, chinos, drawers, breeches, Chaps, britches, blue jeans.
shorts (noun)
jockey shorts, short pants, drawers, trunks.
underwear (noun)
corset, bra, body, bustier, BVDS, jockey shorts, body suit.

Other synonyms:

underwear. Other relevant words:
jockey shorts, drawers, breeches, briefs, underwear, short pants, trunks.

Usage examples for shorts

  1. Entangled as my reserve resources were in the Coal deal, I should have no chance to cover my shorts on any terms less than the loss of all I had. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  2. It had been his own idea to wear that touch of powder, and I had conceded the powder after overcoming the shorts – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens