Synonyms for Afghans:


clothing (plural) (noun)
berets, shorts, sweat shirts, pyjamas, nightgowns, ensembles, capes, fedoras, jumpers, halters, blazers, shirts, pants, gowns, robes, sarongs, apparels, stockings, sweaters, duds, saris, brassieres, v-necks, blouses, vestments, pillboxes, Ponchos, trench coats, raincoats, dinner jackets, shoes, chemises, coats, shawls, trimmings, trousers, Habits, headdresses, greatcoats, caftans, sports coats, parkas, camisoles, wraps, t-shirts, windbreakers, outfits, slickers, burnooses, Scarves, vestures, housecoats, crinolines, costumes, bonnets, sweat suits, kilts, corsets, pull-overs, turtle-necks, overcoats, panties, suits, bathrobes, smoking jackets, frocks, kimonos, pajamas, tuxedoes, mackintoshes, evening gowns, Doublets, Stetsons, bowlers, furs, wrappers, petticoats, blue jeans, jackets, garments, Boots, garbs, cloaks, smocks, pea coats, slacks, topcoats, dresses, hats, pinafores, tunics, skirts, Jerseys, dressing gowns.
dogs (noun)
cocker spaniels, chows, pointers, collies, griffons, Siberian wolfhounds, Irish wolfhounds, bulldogs, Aberdeen terriers, Yorkshire terriers, Irish setters, pekinese, hounds, dachshunds, Dalmatians, terriers, Pomeranians, foxhounds, spitzes, French poodles, spaniels, Welsh terriers, Borzois, golden retrievers, retrievers, greyhounds, schnauzers, sheep dogs, bull terriers, Cairn terriers, Mastiffs, huskies, dingoes, Chihuahuas, boxers, wolfhounds, Labrador retrievers, pugs, setters, toy poodles, Doberman pinschers, boarhounds, dogs, whippets, Scotch terriers, Samoyeds, Airedales, basset hounds, German shepherds, English setters, bloodhounds, poodles, beagles, Great Danes.

Usage examples for Afghans

  1. They did not suffer any decisive defeat in battle, but a general insurrection of the Afghans drove them from their positions and entirely wiped out their force." – The Coming Conquest of England by August Niemann