Synonyms for Bonnet:


chassis, bull bar, bumper, bodywork, armour, body, armor, axle. biretta, boater, bearskin, beanie, bandanna, bathing cap, balaclava, baseball cap. artifact (noun)
poke bonnet.
bonnet (noun)
poke bonnet, hood.
clothing (noun)
gown, cape, homburg, clothes, apparel, shoes, array, evening gown, kimono, hat, smoking jacket, overcoat, dinner jacket, v neck, pants, bowler, fur, chapeau, burnoose, jersey, coat, bathrobe, housecoat, garment, trimming, pajamas, sweat suit, turtle-neck, attire, shawl, boot, wrap, nightgown, dress, pillbox, topcoat, jumper, shorts, clothing, greatcoat, garb, pyjamas, smock, pull over, trousers, tunic, slacks, halter, robe, windbreaker, frock, blazer, sweater, ulster, suit, tuxedo, panties, duds, shirt, sports coat, crinoline, stockings, blouse, outfit, doublet, mackintosh, petticoat, slicker, stetson, parka, raincoat, t-shirt, skirt, beret, afghan, sweat shirt, vesture, brassiere, pea coat, corset, cloak, sarong, fedora, headdress, camisole, kilt, chemise, sari, fez, blue jeans, habit, raiment, footgear, jacket, dressing gown, scarf, poncho, ensemble, pinafore, trench coat, costume, vestment, caftan, wrapper.
hat (noun)
hood, headdress, chapeau.
hood (noun)

Other synonyms:

beanie, axle, bathing cap, bandanna, bodywork, balaclava, bumper, bull bar, baseball cap. chassis, boater, armor. body. Other relevant words:
boater, chassis, body, armor, bearskin, baseball cap, bodywork, balaclava, hood, poke bonnet, sunbonnet.

Usage examples for bonnet

  1. Then she sat down, in her bonnet and felt alone in the world, and sad; and at last she found herself quietly crying, as young ladies will sometimes, without any visible cause. – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  2. Do take your bonnet off, for I shall be hours in doing it." – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  3. He tried to make out what the girl meant by looking at him from the mountain- side, by waving her bonnet at him, and by coming to old Gabe's mill when she could have gone to her own. – A Cumberland Vendetta by John Fox, Jr.