Synonyms for Trousers:


Chaps, chinos, bottoms, cargo pants, bell-bottoms, capri pants, baggies. clothing (noun)
clothing, caftan, dress, attire, blue jeans, windbreaker, suit, sweat shirt, homburg, boot, pants, housecoat, gown, fedora, poncho, turtle-neck, tunic, pajamas, t-shirt, clothes, slacks, v neck, smoking jacket, sweater, shorts, ensemble, coat, chapeau, sports coat, corset, garb, sweat suit, sarong, footgear, scarf, greatcoat, beret, bathrobe, camisole, mackintosh, nightgown, dressing gown, tuxedo, duds, pillbox, ulster, halter, robe, jersey, vestment, kilt, outfit, parka, hat, pyjamas, bonnet, pinafore, sari, habit, panties, crinoline, brassiere, kimono, petticoat, blouse, smock, shawl, cloak, doublet, evening gown, jacket, wrapper, headdress, vesture, shirt, garment, burnoose, stockings, shoes, dinner jacket, costume, pull over, array, cape, jumper, fur, pea coat, frock, skirt, chemise, slicker, trench coat, overcoat, topcoat, trimming, blazer, bowler, raiment, afghan, raincoat, wrap, apparel, stetson, fez.
clothing (plural) (noun)
bonnets, nightgowns, blazers, frocks, smoking jackets, Scarves, bathrobes, windbreakers, robes, blouses, dressing gowns, mackintoshes, costumes, brassieres, berets, gowns, pull-overs, fedoras, furs, pea coats, Boots, kimonos, capes, tunics, caftans, sarongs, sweaters, v-necks, outfits, Doublets, raincoats, pillboxes, turtle-necks, vestments, dresses, Ponchos, jackets, overcoats, Stetsons, parkas, evening gowns, headdresses, slickers, jumpers, chemises, petticoats, Habits, apparels, camisoles, burnooses, housecoats, tuxedoes, sweat shirts, t-shirts, skirts, halters, cloaks, shirts, hats, shawls, saris, pinafores, suits, coats, Jerseys, ensembles, garments, wrappers, sweat suits, trench coats, vestures, Afghans, kilts, wraps, corsets, topcoats, crinolines, garbs, smocks, bowlers, dinner jackets, trimmings, greatcoats, sports coats.
dungarees (noun)
pants (noun)
knickerbockers, panties, shorts, breeches.
trousers (noun)
slacks, Chaps, blue jeans, breeches, chinos.

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Other relevant words:
chinos, Chaps, knickerbockers, bell-bottoms, breeches, bottoms.

Usage examples for trousers

  1. " In your t'other trousers she answered, sewing swiftly, without looking up. – Country Neighbors by Alice Brown
  2. " Well, no, not exactly folks," replied the show boy, as he brushed some bits of bark from his trousers – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show by Laura Lee Hope
  3. Oh, Mees Betsee, he would cry, why do you wear trousers – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed