Synonyms for Nightgown:


clothing (noun)
chapeau, chemise, kimono, headdress, boot, windbreaker, stetson, smoking jacket, ulster, housecoat, pinafore, dressing gown, camisole, parka, cloak, sweater, bathrobe, burnoose, pajamas, overcoat, afghan, slacks, array, blazer, topcoat, sweat suit, sarong, garb, pyjamas, doublet, trench coat, cape, pull over, skirt, jersey, outfit, coat, costume, apparel, sari, wrap, attire, beret, t-shirt, pea coat, blouse, jumper, mackintosh, duds, shorts, slicker, sports coat, blue jeans, crinoline, pants, habit, shirt, greatcoat, trimming, stockings, fedora, v neck, turtle-neck, fur, evening gown, homburg, kilt, tuxedo, sweat shirt, smock, raincoat, garment, footgear, vesture, bowler, pillbox, raiment, bonnet, tunic, ensemble, petticoat, frock, corset, dress, caftan, scarf, gown, brassiere, wrapper, hat, suit, vestment, panties, clothing, clothes, fez, dinner jacket, poncho, trousers, robe, jacket, shoes, shawl, halter.
dress in which to sleep (noun)
Bedgown, nightshirt, nightrobe, nightie, nightdress, lingerie, pajamas, negligee, sleeper.
nightclothes (noun)
nightdress (noun)
negligee, Bedgown, shift, nightwear, lounging pajamas, lingerie, nightrobe, muu-muu, sleeper, nightshirt, night gear, sleeping clothes.
nightgown (noun)
night-robe, nightdress, nightie.

Other synonyms:

negligee. nightclothes
pj's, nightshirt.
Other relevant words:
night-robe, nightdress, nightrobe, sleeper, Bedgown, lingerie, nightwear, nightie, nightshirt, pj's, negligee.

Usage examples for nightgown

  1. Before his shop walked the parson-" a squalid, profligate figure, clad in a tattered plaid nightgown with a fiery face, and ready to couple you for a dram of gin, or roll of tobacco." – The Social History of Smoking by G. L. Apperson
  2. She stood for a moment, shivering in her thin nightgown in the icy draught, and then jumped back into bed again. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  3. " There's no hurry about getting that nightgown done," she said quietly. – Clover and Blue Grass by Eliza Calvert Hall