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clothing (noun)
habit, clothing, beret, smoking jacket, sweat suit, garb, doublet, windbreaker, pyjamas, parka, blazer, sarong, greatcoat, burnoose, jacket, corset, homburg, sweater, turtle-neck, jumper, frock, trench coat, sports coat, attire, topcoat, ulster, hat, dressing gown, stetson, evening gown, housecoat, coat, pants, tuxedo, outfit, smock, costume, stockings, gown, trimming, vestment, t-shirt, mackintosh, boot, brassiere, wrapper, ensemble, robe, shawl, sweat shirt, headdress, dinner jacket, pea coat, blue jeans, skirt, raiment, dress, raincoat, afghan, overcoat, cape, pinafore, wrap, tunic, poncho, trousers, fedora, vesture, shorts, kimono, shirt, caftan, sari, bonnet, bowler, cloak, pajamas, halter, v neck, scarf, chemise, clothes, petticoat, panties, blouse, fez, nightgown, apparel, footgear, crinoline, bathrobe, garment, slicker, suit, kilt, fur, camisole, chapeau, pillbox, duds, slacks, pull over, array, jersey.
clothing (plural) (noun)
dressing gowns, shawls, ensembles, frocks, kilts, windbreakers, costumes, outfits, sweaters, bonnets, v-necks, topcoats, Stetsons, Jerseys, Doublets, chemises, overcoats, Afghans, Habits, kimonos, jackets, mackintoshes, berets, gowns, garbs, crinolines, pillboxes, vestures, sarongs, raincoats, robes, garments, tuxedoes, shirts, trimmings, greatcoats, fedoras, pinafores, bowlers, coats, capes, sweat shirts, parkas, Ponchos, corsets, dresses, sweat suits, caftans, cloaks, slickers, smoking jackets, camisoles, smocks, blouses, Scarves, headdresses, nightgowns, jumpers, saris, halters, apparels, evening gowns, suits, turtle-necks, petticoats, housecoats, furs, sports coats, wrappers, t-shirts, dinner jackets, skirts, wraps, blazers, tunics, Boots, trench coats, pea coats, hats, vestments, brassieres, burnooses, pull-overs, bathrobes.
shoes (noun)
state (noun)

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Usage examples for shoes

  1. Poor Martha was shaking in her shoes – The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. Girls are at work making horse- shoes for the army horses. – A Journey Through France in War Time by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
  3. But do not forget to turn the shoes round. – The Red Fairy Book by Various