Synonyms for Pyjamas:


clothing (noun)
dinner jacket, windbreaker, housecoat, kimono, ensemble, bonnet, sari, homburg, jumper, vestment, sarong, cloak, pillbox, trousers, v neck, kilt, chemise, afghan, pull over, stetson, garment, camisole, shoes, brassiere, t-shirt, stockings, clothes, sweat shirt, doublet, fedora, frock, habit, pajamas, turtle-neck, shawl, sweater, burnoose, cape, bowler, tunic, apparel, blazer, vesture, pinafore, pants, poncho, suit, scarf, attire, headdress, smoking jacket, raincoat, coat, topcoat, ulster, costume, evening gown, blue jeans, outfit, footgear, sports coat, greatcoat, raiment, trimming, wrap, crinoline, bathrobe, smock, slacks, skirt, trench coat, halter, tuxedo, sweat suit, fez, wrapper, robe, pea coat, slicker, boot, overcoat, corset, fur, jersey, nightgown, parka, dressing gown, chapeau, garb, gown, caftan, blouse, clothing, shirt, jacket, array, beret, duds, hat, mackintosh, petticoat, dress, shorts, panties.
clothing (plural) (noun)
bowlers, housecoats, shirts, fedoras, t-shirts, v-necks, suits, sarongs, petticoats, greatcoats, pillboxes, pull-overs, jumpers, furs, jackets, garbs, blouses, sweaters, tunics, smocks, sweat shirts, frocks, dinner jackets, Boots, skirts, evening gowns, vestments, corsets, chemises, caftans, dresses, Stetsons, coats, outfits, sweat suits, overcoats, Jerseys, shawls, Ponchos, apparels, mackintoshes, halters, Habits, bathrobes, burnooses, wraps, costumes, robes, hats, sports coats, ensembles, turtle-necks, vestures, smoking jackets, crinolines, dressing gowns, nightgowns, kilts, pea coats, headdresses, capes, bonnets, topcoats, wrappers, kimonos, berets, raincoats, Doublets, tuxedoes, slickers, trimmings, gowns, blazers, Afghans, camisoles, saris, windbreakers, cloaks, parkas, brassieres, garments, Scarves, trench coats, pinafores.
pyjamas (noun)
jammies, pajamas, pj's.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
jammies, pj's.

Usage examples for pyjamas

  1. I forget even that I am standing there in pyjamas with on my feet nothing. – The Man Upstairs and Other Stories by P. G. Wodehouse
  2. Were you going to change into your pyjamas at Ostend? – The Romantic by May Sinclair