Synonyms for Costume:


beachwear, baggies, coordinates, black tie, accessory, combats, civvies, casuals, black. put on, Habiliment, turnout, rig, getup, guise. show, disguise. article of clothing (noun)
clothes (noun)
casuals, duds.
clothing (noun)
cape, bonnet, chapeau, kimono, stockings, smock, brassiere, evening gown, camisole, clothing, scarf, vestment, jumper, smoking jacket, t-shirt, mackintosh, pillbox, sari, sarong, garb, bathrobe, v neck, corset, greatcoat, homburg, ulster, boot, burnoose, beret, tuxedo, slacks, robe, pants, duds, jersey, headdress, vesture, suit, slicker, trench coat, afghan, gown, kilt, clothes, sweater, pull over, chemise, apparel, sweat shirt, fur, bowler, pajamas, blouse, skirt, petticoat, shawl, dressing gown, jacket, sweat suit, frock, fedora, shorts, turtle-neck, coat, raiment, blazer, pinafore, overcoat, halter, windbreaker, footgear, fez, hat, poncho, wrapper, dinner jacket, pyjamas, parka, garment, nightgown, pea coat, shoes, tunic, trimming, doublet, cloak, blue jeans, crinoline, caftan, housecoat, stetson, raincoat, panties, topcoat, trousers, habit, shirt, sports coat, ensemble.
costume (noun)
dress up.
dress (noun)
masquerade, fancy dress, disguise.
set of clothes (noun)
apparel, attire, duds, suit, getup, garb, dress, clothing, outfit, guise, rig, ensemble.
suit (noun)


body (verb)
dress up.
clothe (verb)
array, accouter, outfit, wrap, dress, wear, clothe, attire.

Other synonyms:

Habiliment, getup. rig, guise. turnout. mask
Other relevant words:
black, getup, baggies, guise, dress up, masquerade, rig, accessory, civvies, disguise, coordinates, turnout, Habiliment, casuals, show, fancy dress, beachwear, combats.

Usage examples for costume

  1. The costume of his wife, who was a dark and very beautiful Spanish woman, would have strengthened this idea. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. So, that's why I added to my costume today. – The Village Coquette by Riviere Dufresny
  3. I think I ought to have some sort of a costume if I am to continue to ride Emperor in the grand entry. – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Flying-Rings-or-Making-the-Start-in-the-Sawdust-Life by Darlington, Edgar B. P.