Synonyms for Magic:


all (adjective)
sorcerous, magical, wizard, wizardly, witching, charming.
magical (adjective)
secret (adjective)


curse, ESP, abracadabra, the black arts, extrasensory perception, halloween, black magic, enchantment, alchemy. pleasant, lovely, nice, theurgy, relaxing, pleasurable, Sortilege, cheerful, attractive, pleasing, enjoyable, restful, witchery. evil eye, charisma, charm, magnetism, good looks, glitz, whammy, appeal, allure, glamor, character, lure, spell. be able to do something, performing arts, be a past master at doing something, have a genius for (doing) something, have/get something down to a fine art, prestidigitation, can do something in your sleep, have an eye for, sleight of hand, have a flair for something, be in practice, be no slouch. Thaumaturgic, talismanic, Theurgic, Theurgical, Thaumaturgical, fey. alchemy (noun)
black magic (noun)
witchery, satanism, diabolism.
hocus-pocus (noun)
magic (noun)
legerdemain, wizard, supernatural, illusion, witching, sorcerous, wizardly, conjuration, magical, magic trick, charming, conjuring trick, deception, trick.
mysterious (noun)
wonderful, fantastical, unusual, imaginary, miraculous.
occult (noun)
mystic, Thaumaturgic, spellbound, prophetic, diabolic, clairvoyant, fascinating, Fiendish, tutelary, ghostly, haunted, numinous, uncanny, mythical, weird, Theurgic, cryptic, spooky, malevolent, mystical, immaterial, talismanic, eerie, transcendental, spectral, Fay, enchanted, satanic, psychic, Theurgical, mythic, enchanting, disembodied, charmed, mysterious, cabalistic, otherworldly, cursed, Discarnate.
sorcery (noun)
fortune telling, sorcery, horoscopy, palmistry, wizardry, augury, Occultism, black magic, demonism, clairvoyance, witchcraft, astrology, Divining, satanism, necromancing, diabolism, devilry.
spell (noun)
supernatural power; appearance (noun)
illusion, augury, legerdemain, Sortilege, prestidigitation, enchantment, horoscopy, sorcery, sleight of hand, magnetism, Occultism, wizardry, witchcraft, spell, astrology, devilry, diabolism, alchemy.
whammy (noun)

Other synonyms:

Sortilege, whammy, Theurgical, Theurgic, Thaumaturgic, theurgy, talismanic, witchery, prestidigitation, Thaumaturgical, sleight of hand. mysterious, fey. charm. charmed
evil eye.
Other relevant words:
legerdemain, charmed, mystic, lure, enchanted, mystical, Theurgic, Thaumaturgical, prestidigitation, charming, conjuration, deception, numinous, mysterious, miraculous, wizardly, mythic, fascinating, charisma, enchantment, theurgy, conjuring trick, wizard, abracadabra, talismanic, cabalistic, weird, enchanting, illusion, trick, witching, magic trick, wonderful, appeal, supernatural, imaginary, mythical, magnetism, sorcerous, fey, black magic, charm, Thaumaturgic, evil eye, witchery, spell, sleight of hand, glamor, uncanny, Theurgical, magical, allure, alchemy, Sortilege, whammy.