Synonyms for Bustle:


codpiece, armor, chain mail, crinoline, bloomers, run, armour, doublet, corset, bobby socks. move, sprint, scour, rip, whisk, wing, flash, nip, race, dash, scoot, fleet, hotfoot, whirl, commotion, flit, highball, shoot, bolt, rocket, whiz, bedlam, fly, trot, pelt, dart, turbulence, barrel, zip, tear, disorder, bucket, festinate, zoom, sail. whirlpool. bustle (noun)
ado, hustle, flurry, bustle about, fuss, stir.
haste (noun)
haste, flurry, urgency, feverishness, fastness, rapidity, swiftness, impatience, abruptness, quickness, briskness, hurriedness, Speediness, fleetness.
quick and busy activity (noun)
fuss, ado, whirlpool, commotion, hurry, whirl, flurry, stir, haste.


hasten (verb)
hustle, hasten, spur, rush, push, quicken, accelerate, hurry, speed, urge, expedite.
motion (verb)
hustle, bustle about.
move around quickly, busily (verb)
hustle, dash, rush, hasten, flit, whisk, run, tear.

Other synonyms:

chain mail, action, bobby socks, armor, crinoline, festinate, bloomers, doublet, codpiece. hotfoot, dart, highball, scoot, flit, whisk, disorder, whirlpool, rocket, zoom. sprint, putter, rip, sail. whiz, bucket, flash, tear. nip, fleet. dash, bolt. run, fly. shoot. confusion
Other relevant words:
fuss, rip, pelt, fly, rocket, race, barrel, crinoline, turbulence, trot, hotfoot, whirlpool, flash, sail, bloomers, move, zip, wing, bolt, action, tear, run, stir, disorder, shoot, doublet, zoom, dart, highball, nip, fleet, whiz, scoot, whisk, codpiece, commotion, whirl, armor, putter, mess around, flit, festinate, bucket, dash, ado, scour, sprint, bustle about.

Usage examples for bustle

  1. This, you will perceive, is written in the midst of much bustle and a most active scene. – Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Saumarez, Vol. I by Sir John Ross
  2. At last the bustle in Boston's streets produced results. – The Siege of Boston by Allen French
  3. I've never worn a bustle in my life! – The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson