Synonyms for Paste:


author, archive, call up, burn-in, capture, back up, block, access, burn, browse. cling, attack, thwack, bop, slog, wham, strike, cleave to, adhere, pop, stick, bash, whop, sock, knock, HIT, clout, swat, smash, biff, let someone have it, tape, slam, slug, smite, wallop, sock it to someone, whack, conk. fixative, Blu-Tack, resin, gum, mastic, epoxy resin. tortoiseshell, jade, pearl, mother-of-pearl, rhinestone, coral, cultured pearl, amber. caviar, jelly, marmalade, peanut butter, preserve, jam, butter. adhesive (noun)
cement (noun)
combination (noun)
incorporation, amalgamation, composite, combination, blend, concoction, alloy, commixture, mix, admixture, conglomerate, conglomeration, infusion, hodgepodge, medley, brew, compound, amalgam, mixture, fusion, composition, ensemble, assembly.
fastener (noun)
fuse, bolt, guy, hitch, tie, band, glue, tack, grapnel, clip, belt, thread, twine, agent, anchor, catch, nail, bond, clamp, bonding, fastener, knot, snap, pin, suture, rabbet, lace, latch, connector, cleat, rivet, hook, binding, Vinculum, strap, cement, brad, buckle, closure, clinch, chain, seal, middleman, skewer, hinge, mucilage, vise, medium, clasp, binder, ligament, hasp, cinch, knitting, link, mediator, bracket, string, weld, stay, zipper, fastening, lock, button, cotter, coupling, splice, cincture, braid, staple, spike, hawser, stitch, go-between, brace.
food (noun)
glue, adhesive (noun)
fasten, mucilage, cement, gum, stick.
mixture (noun)
hybrid, blending, meld, amalgamate, potpourri, decoction, stew, mash, elixir, intermixture, mongrel, merger, emulsion, Interfusion.
paste (noun)
library paste, spread, glue.
pulpiness (noun)
Pulpiness, Squashiness, mush.


fasten (verb)
connect, baste, couple, plait, sew, knit, fasten, lash, zip, bind, weave, tether.

Other synonyms:

adhere, clout, Blu-Tack, bash, tortoiseshell, epoxy resin, cultured pearl, resin, peanut butter, bop, rhinestone, adhesive, jade, mastic, cling, biff, marmalade, cleave to, caviar, mother-of-pearl, whop. coral, fixative, preserve, sock, smite, amber, thwack, knock, conk, butter, HIT, whack, tape, wallop, pearl, wham. slam, slug, jelly. pop, smash, gum, slog, stick. strike. jam. attach
Other relevant words:
tape, resin, browse, sock it to someone, Blu-Tack, adhesive, caviar, let someone have it, slam, HIT, swat, whack, burn, pop, smash, pearl, knock, coral, smite, mother-of-pearl, conk, wham, strike, butter, attack, bop, library paste, jade, amber, jam, tortoiseshell, mastic, fixative, spread, rhinestone, archive, gum, access, whop, stick, adhere, marmalade, wallop, sock, author, block, biff, preserve, cling, jelly, slog, bash, clout, thwack, slug, capture.

Usage examples for paste

  1. Gave mustard paste to chest, front and back, and wet- sheet pack. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  2. You never saw any paste like that, did you? – The Green Satin Gown by Laura E. Richards