Synonyms for Tangle:


disagreement, controversy, confrontation, misunderstanding, argument, a war of words. embarrass, tweak, simple, bind, intertwine, wind, twist, wrench. face off, wrestle, tussle, dispute, bicker, duke, spat, squabble, quarrel, scuffle, argue, tiff, brawl, grapple, conflict, tangle with, contend, wrangle, fight, square off, hassle, quibble. hindrance (noun)
constipation, restraint, entrapment, resistance, impediment, entanglement, blockage, hindrance, interruption, encumbrance, bafflement, inhibition, stoppage, drawback, barrier, damper, blockade, frustration, hurdle, obstacle, constraint, disadvantage, restriction, complication, obstruction, impedance, impasse, congestion, deterrent, opposition.
knot, confusion (noun)
mess, complication, muddle, entanglement, snag, snarl, jam, web, mat, maze, twist.
snarl (noun)
confusion, muddle.
tangle (noun)
maze, ravel, drag, embroil, sweep up, entangle, drag in, mat, dishevel, snarl, sweep, tousle, knot.


complicate (verb)
involve, confound, perplex, confuse.
hinder (verb)
entrap, clog, interrupt, frustrate, stop, burden, snarl, curb, encumber, inhibit, plug, brake, restrain, block, impede, bar, jam, catch, counter, bung, entangle, bottleneck, hamstring, complicate, cramp, cripple, impair, mire, restrict, thwart, hamper, obstruct, hinder, handicap, check, drag, paralyze, delay, stay, baffle, deter, resist, crimp, congest, constrain, snag, foul, dam, constipate, fetter, detain, oppose, choke.
knot, complicate (verb)
hamper, involve, confuse, enmesh, ravel, ensnare, embroil, entrap, catch, obstruct, perplex, trap, entangle.

Other synonyms:

ensnarl, disarray, squalor. quarrel, shambles, bomb site, confusion, trammel, controversy, clutter, ensnare, bicker, squabble, tiff, tweak, enmesh. wrangle, hassle, dispute, disagreement, spat, disorder, fight. quibble, mess, embarrass, web, argument, wrench. argue, contend. bind. trap. twist. wind. confuse

Usage examples for tangle

  1. The tangle was growing clearer now. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  2. Nan's brown hair had been blown about not a little in the garden, and as she sat at the end of the long, brass- nailed sofa, a ray of sunshine touched the glass of a picture behind her and flew forward again to tangle itself in her stray locks, so that altogether there was a sort of golden halo about her pretty head. – A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett