Synonyms for Hatch:


calve, foal, reproduce, lamb, albumen, bear, whelp. beat, flap, cheep, coo, alight, scheme, chatter, plot, plan, chirp, caw, cry. beget, double glazing, fanlight, back door, engender, fog, exit, fire door, dormer, casement, parent, make, sire, father, bay window, spawn, procreate. connive, fabricate, intrigue, be in league with someone, get ideas, formulate, contrive, make up, collude, devise, conspire. hatch (noun)
concoct, think up, brood, hachure, hatching, dream up, incubate, think of, crosshatch, cover.
opening (noun)
chasm, yawning, opening, inlet, mouth, pore, portal, orifice, door, aperture, entrance, gate, gap, embouchure.
process (noun)


begin (verb)
commence, form, start, germinate, induct, create, prepare, inaugurate, originate, initiate, bud, spring, develop, conceive, emerge, sprout, begin, undertake, initialize, stem, birth, embark, dawn, introduce.
breed (verb)
beget, reproduce, create.
brew (verb)
develop, start, form.
cause (verb)
introduce, begin.
concoct (verb)
plan, fabricate.
conspire (verb)
collude, intrigue, connive.
hatch (verb)
concoct, incubate, spawn, invent, originate, devise, produce, make, procreate, plot, conceive, scheme, engender, contrive, generate, sire, bear, make up, parent, think up, brood, formulate, dream up, prepare.
originate (verb)
invent, produce, generate, institute.

Other synonyms:

calve, devise, lamb, foal, whelp, albumen. connive, engender, conspire. procreate, reproduce, sire, scheme, beget, intrigue, spawn. fabricate, contrive. parent, formulate. plot. make. cause
think up.
make up, initiate.
Other relevant words:
scheme, crosshatch, fabricate, make, whelp, collude, conspire, hachure, spawn, cover, foal, intrigue, contrive, calve, plot, sire, think up, procreate, connive, reproduce, think of, incubate, back door, formulate, father, hatching, brood, engender, bear, dream up, parent, devise, make up, plan, concoct, beget.

Usage examples for hatch

  1. You may stay on deck; but here, make yourself fast with this rope;" and papa secured one round my body, which he fastened to the companion hatch – A Yacht Voyage Round England by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. These hatch in about ten days, and the colonies of young caterpillars begin their work of destruction. – The Pecan and its Culture by H. Harold Hume
  3. Jack made the boy bring up two chairs, put the porter on the companion hatch and he and Gascoigne sat down. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat