Synonyms for Manufacture:


bundle, consumer goods, Forming, offering, assembling, merchandise, wares, acquisition, product, goods, loss leader, come-on. bring out, assemble, issue, mold, grind out, rush out, churn out, roll out, turn out, bang out, put together. lie, bend the truth, mislead, deceive, Misspeak. cell membrane, cytology, culture, cell wall, chloroplast, culture medium, cellular, cell. mass production, Heavy Industry, means of production. act (noun)
fabrication, industry.
manufacture (noun)
construct, fabrication, fabricate, make up, invent, industry, cook up.
product (noun)
production (noun)
creation, fabrication, making, development, building, construction, generation, execution, production, formation.


build, produce (verb)
create, assemble, form, make, fabricate, turn out, execute, put together, make up, construct, mold.
concoct, invent (verb)
cook up, produce.
create (verb)
grind out.
produce (verb)
father, build, form, produce, develop, execute, create, make, generate, mother, fabricate, construct, invent, cultivate, originate.

Other synonyms:

churn out, rush out, roll out, Heavy Industry, mass production, Misspeak, mislead. bang out, bring out. deceive. turn out. assemble. issue. lie. put together