Synonyms for Apprehend:


understand, make sense of something, see the light, fall/fit into place, work out, get the idea, have a feel for something. book, Breath Test, pinch, law, body search, run-in, bounty hunter, apprehension, breathalyze, bust. ken, knowledge, fathom, know. follow, make out, take in, sense, read, twig, accept, conceive. feel, intuit. apprehend (noun)
comprehend, cop, get the picture, quail at, nail, collar, compass, arrest, dig, pick up, nab, grasp, savvy.


capture (verb)
capture, win, gain, obtain, arrest, catch, snare, occupy, take, seize, collar, achieve, secure, get, abduct.
catch and arrest (verb)
collar, cop, take in, nail, nab, seize, bust, capture.
cognition (verb)
dig, compass, grasp, comprehend, savvy, get the picture.
understand (verb)
conceive, accept, catch, sense, know, grasp, comprehend, get the picture, read, get, fathom, imagine.

Other synonyms:

ken, breathalyze, Breath Test, intuit, body search, bounty hunter. know, apprehension, twig, fathom, take in, read. pinch. accept, book, feel. bust. follow. capture
get the idea.
pick up.

Usage examples for apprehend

  1. When the officers sent to apprehend the Marquis arrived at his palace, they found that he had quitted home, and was supposed to be at the house of his sister, the Countess of -, whither they immediately proceeded. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. Now, I apprehend that there is a natural reason why they do not. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  3. He defied the whole of the parish officers to apprehend him; for if they attempted to go near him while he was eating, he would throw up his heels and kick at them, or run at them, and if they did not go out of the way, he would bite them. – A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals by Percy J. Billinghurst