Synonyms for Destroy:


finish off, throw down, erase, do in, gut, Spoliate, finish, pull down, scuttle, break up, consume, blast, mar, maraud, sack, foul up, ravish, deface, shatter, dynamite, split up, despoil, cast down, impair, vitiate, quell, crash, snuff out, stop, bomb, pillage, mutilate, butcher, plunder, dissipate, vandalize, construct, scorch, conclude, squelch, ravage, wipe out, trample, dispel, ransack, sabotage, abort, total, overturn, quash, maim, upset, make away with, trash, liquidate, blitz, build, expunge, cream, fell, eat away, counteract, blot out, defeat, damage. beat, overpower, overcome, slaughter, win, slay, thrash, knock out. break down, hunt out, bag, wrack, spoil, sink, torpedo, cull, hunt, cross up, wash up, help, poach. hold back, throttle, plague, inhibit, knock-down, count against, burden, bring up against, embarrass, disadvantage, let down. dispatch, carry off, cut down, cut off, zap, waste. put away, off, bump off, knock off, rub out. overwhelm. destroy (noun)
demolish, destruct, ruin.


annul (verb)
efface, abnegate, Disaffirm, undo, dismiss, negate, nullify, deny, obliterate, eradicate, retract, annul, revoke, invalidate, disclaim, divorce, dissolve, delete, withdraw, abolish, repudiate, veto, eliminate, disavow, reject, extinguish, cancel, refute, neutralize.
competition (verb)
creation (verb)
demolish, devastate (verb)
extinguish, Spoliate, abort, zap, level, deface, mutilate, waste, blot out, exterminate, ravage, extirpate, liquidate, gut, nullify, maraud, butcher, ruin, eradicate, consume, shatter, sabotage, maim, raze, snuff out, overturn, impair, despoil, annul, ravish, trash, break down, vaporize, erase, damage, wreck, tear down, wipe out, quash, dismantle, dispatch, annihilate, quell, total, slay, smash, cream, lay waste, mar, torpedo, desolate.
destroy (verb)
extirpate, pulverize, devastate, tear down, disintegrate, exterminate, mow down, raze, desolate, flatten, dismantle, decimate, lay waste, atomize, demolish, bulldoze, rip to shreds, annihilate, smash, vaporize, level, wreck.

Other synonyms:

mutilate, vandalize, trash, overwhelm, sack, hunt out, deface, zap, impair, eat away, scuttle. dynamite, hunt, torpedo, slay, poach, mar, spoil. liquidate, consume, cull, erase. butcher, cast down, knock out. total, dispatch, knock-down, slaughter. finish. bag. sink, off. waste. eliminate
do in.
put away, exterminate, dispatch, slay, slaughter.
pull down.
take apart
Other relevant words:
damage, mar, bag, carry off, quell, construct, inhibit, spoil, deface, butcher, destruct, Spoliate, snuff out, vitiate, erase, pillage, finish, quash, blot out, knock-down, vandalize, dispatch, poach, overwhelm, slaughter, make away with, slay, upset, maim, consume, beat, shatter, impair, expunge, bump off, burden, wrack, ravage, ruin, overpower, finish off, zap, hunt, off, mutilate, dynamite, liquidate, cream, embarrass, break down, maraud, ravish, abort, overcome, overturn, conclude, crash, cull, scorch, stop, total, torpedo, sabotage, thrash, despoil, counteract, plunder, bomb, win, wash up, ransack, do in, dispel, sink, gut, scuttle, waste, throw down, trash, cut down, plague, defeat, squelch, throttle, fell, pull down, put away, blast, cross up, trample, disadvantage, eat away, dissipate, rub out, help, sack, blitz, wipe out.

Usage examples for destroy

  1. We were held by it a minute; then I answered: " They can destroy them!" – The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
  2. It is the only chance I have had for years,- don't destroy it, as you value the life of a fellow- countryman." – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  3. And He said, If I find there forty and five, I will not destroy it. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren