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arrange - 311 results
Other synonyms:

primp, ordain, initialize, codify, piece, stage, initialise, dress up, limit, get along, practice, sic, trim, direct, preen, localize, garb, install, decide, make ready, calculate, pitch, beautiful, tell, redact, fit out, put in, finalize, strategize, represent, pile, satisfy, negotiate, transcribe, map out, position, set up, dispose, present, prescribe, put, ensnare, ordinate, found, typeset, accompany, govern, draw up, enclothe, dispose of, decorate, couch, set, transpose, garnish, snip, coiffure, line up, work out, garment, determine, come, pose, deploy, perform, erect, heap, do, prune, crop, bother, blast, plume, blast away, layer, regularise, resource, commit, come up with, fare, format, plant, coiffe, act, adapt, manage, dream up, exercise, articulation, clip, fructify, conclude, fix up, hold, invest, synthesize, project, execute, regularize, provide, concert, suffice, dress out, convene, practise, make out, tog, dress, cut back, apparel, correct, lay, go under, dictate, congeal, agree, put together, answer, blend, enjoin, put up, resolve, baton, order, gear up, serve, offer, lop, countersink, mark, map, cater to, cause, atmospherics, planned, habilitate, raise, groom, raiment, lay out, tack, define, beat out, consecrate, think ahead, effectuate, bring about, go down, tack together, assign, assemble, behave, get ready, bang out, localise, launch, supply, range, bargain, effect, jell, rear, say, specify, instrument, instal, get dressed, disorganize, coif, entrap, rig, choreograph, clothe, back, budget.

Examples of usage:

If you agree, I'll go and arrange it myself, so as not to hurt her feelings." - "Swirling Waters", Max Rittenberg.

And now- But perhaps it will be best that you should arrange all this with my man of business. - "The Duke's Children", Anthony Trollope.

I hope you will arrange to get through with me as soon as possible, Moxlow! - "The Just and the Unjust", Vaughan Kester.

Similar words:

arranged, arranger, arraign, arrant, arranging, arrayed, arrogance, Arraigned, Arriere Pensee.

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