Synonyms for Arrange:


baton, bang out, articulation, beat out, blast, back, blast away, atmospherics, accompany. transcribe, supply, offer, transpose, cater to, satisfy, come up with, resource, instrument. think ahead, deploy, dispose, map out, finalize, dream up. convene, beautiful, blend, hold, synthesize. planned, work out. conclude, agree, negotiate. dispose of. arrange (noun)
set, fix up, format, stage, set up, coiffure, put, bring about, coif, dress, coiffe, order, DO.


categorize (verb)
designate, assort, brand, label, stamp.
cognition (verb)
put, order, set up.
communication (verb)
fix up.
contact (verb)
set up.
creation (verb)
make plans, often involving agreement (verb)
schedule, prepare, make ready, project, scheme, settle, chart, get ready, draft, work out, concert, provide, harmonize, resolve, direct, design, blueprint, contrive, frame, map out, construct, devise, adapt, negotiate, adjust, establish, decide.
order (verb)
place, scheme, Methodize, frame, support, program, categorize, mediate, sort, maintain, form, design, order, marshal, class, control, classify, plot, group, schematize, compose, collate, harmonize, orchestrate, devise, array, rate, grade, prepare, sift, structure, type, plan, systematize, rationalize, settle, chart, regulate, screen, unify, rank, set, cast, integrate, stratify, unsnarl, pigeonhole, adjust, right, organize, normalize, schedule, subordinate, score, establish, fix, balance, separate, stabilize, shape.
plan (verb)
conceive, aim, propose, expect, invent, coordinate, premeditate, intend, contrive, anticipate, blueprint.
prepare (verb)
equip, fashion, furnish, mobilize, fabricate, develop, fit, ready, foster, prime, construct, draft, outfit, formulate, curry, dress, make.
prepare musical composition differently (verb)
orchestrate, instrument, score.
put in an order (verb)
dispose, sort, group, rank, Methodize, classify, fix up, organize, systematize, form, align, array, regulate, class.
sequence (verb)
follow, align, thread, queue, string, progress, succeed, sequence, link, chain, concatenate.
structure (verb)
build, constitute.

Other synonyms:

dispose, dream up, think ahead, blast, provide, map out, negotiate, transcribe, cater to, baton, heap, blast away, finalize, synthesize, beat out, convene, bang out, get ready, atmospherics. layer, deploy, conclude, resource, supply, transpose, come up with. offer, accompany, blend, pile, satisfy. back. project. hold. block out
map out.
bring together
carry out

Usage examples for arrange

  1. And now- But perhaps it will be best that you should arrange all this with my man of business. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. I hope you will arrange to get through with me as soon as possible, Moxlow! – The Just and the Unjust by Vaughan Kester