Synonyms for Cartoon:


representative (adjective)
portrayed, facsimile, outline, analogous, representative, metaphorical, model, pastiche, Aping, Rendered, imitation, approximate, copy, replica, illustrative, miniature, graphic.


bas relief, joke, daub, canvas, abstract, aquatint, ridicule, diptych, collage. centerfold, byline, cheesecake, artwork, comic, classified ad, advice column, banner headline, article, announcement. chiller, buddy movie, B movie, design, biopic, blue movie, chick flick, costume drama, anime, animation. cartoon (noun)
sketch, animated cartoon.
communication (noun)
drawing (noun)
painting, landscape, portrait, still life, charcoal, pastel, blueprint, tracing, sketch, Water color, masterpiece, scene, plan, doodle, study, diagram.
funny drawing, often with dialogue or caption (noun)
takeoff, satire, parody, drawing, animation, caricature, sketch, representation, lampoon.
misrepresentation (noun)
fake, burlesque, counterfeit, spoof, lampoon, caricature, parody, misrepresentation, travesty, distortion, exaggeration, farce, satire, takeoff.
model (noun)
representation (noun)
figurine, depiction, analogy, approximation, carving, picture, illustration, silhouette, likeness, effigy, portrayal, representation, cast, duplication, impression, drawing, metaphor, idol, rendering, bust, snapshot, statue, photograph, image.

Other synonyms:

diptych, canvas, advice column, collage, buddy movie, anime, byline, chick flick, biopic, bas relief, blue movie, banner headline, centerfold, B movie, chiller, costume drama, daub, cheesecake. animation, aquatint, article, announcement. abstract. duplicate
Other relevant words:
canvas, aquatint, animated cartoon, collage, animation, biopic, daub, joke, abstract, cheesecake, centerfold, ridicule, bas relief, anime, design, announcement, chiller, article, artwork, comic, byline, diptych.

Usage examples for cartoon

  1. You don't understand Nor care to understand about my art, But you can hear at least when people speak: And that cartoon the second from the door - It is the thing, Love! – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry