Synonyms for Fantasize:


excited, envisage, see, image, arouse, desire, excite, frisky, picture, want, randy, feature, vision, on the pull, fancy, hot, visualize. real, dream, muse, think up, visualization, woolgather, have visions of (doing) something, read into. fantasize (noun)


dream about desires (verb)
envision, invent, woolgather, daydream, imagine.
imagine (verb)
invent, contemplate, conceive, suppose, ideate, think, create, consider, perceive, brainstorm, design, theorize, plan, observe, envision, opine, imagine, reflect.
suppose (verb)
guess, philosophize, hypothesize, speculate, conjecture, prophesy, presume.

Other synonyms:

woolgather. muse, visualize, envisage. picture. vision. see. Other relevant words:
visualization, image, vision, frisky, arouse, desire, fancy, excite, muse, picture, hot, see, fantasise, real, think up, envisage, randy, want, dream, excited, feature, visualize, woolgather.