Synonyms for Brew:


jumble, combo. lower, threaten, near, lager, bitter, impend, overhang, guest beer, menace, brown ale, keg, hang over, loom, guinness. americano, club soda, buttermilk, Chai, cider, bitters, chocolate, cappuccino, angostura. arrive, fall/fit into place, come into being, develop, arise, originate, begin, start, commence, set in. freshen, brewer, brewery, jigger, microbrewery, pour out, head, draft. percolate, grounds, tea, tea bag, put a kettle on, tea leaf, coffee. beverage (noun)
brew (noun)
broth (noun)
combination (noun)
compound, paste, composition, conglomeration, composite, mixture, mix, commixture, medley, combination, blend, ensemble, amalgam, amalgamation, admixture, fusion, assembly, incorporation, hodgepodge, infusion, alloy, concoction, conglomerate.
concoction (noun)
drink, blend, ale, broth, mixture, instillation, beer, infusion, distillation, stout, preparation, home brew, compound, potpourri, liquor, hodgepodge.
food (noun)
mixture (noun)
intermixture, mongrel, meld, emulsion, amalgamate, decoction, merger, Interfusion, mash, stew, elixir, potpourri, hybrid, blending.


combine (verb)
compose, combine, concoct, fuse, infuse, incorporate, assemble.
mix (verb)
decoct, merge, intermix, mingle.
plan, devise (verb)
develop, loom, impend, start.
prepare by boiling (verb)
infuse, stew, concoct.

Other synonyms:

drink, club soda, americano, microbrewery, brown ale, lager, tea leaf, beer, brewer, tea bag, guest beer, coffee, bitters, Chai, brewery, angostura, buttermilk, guinness, tea, broth, cappuccino, home brew. freshen, cider, impend, keg, stout, pour out, chocolate. jigger, overhang, loom, percolate. threaten, bitter. draft. head. malt
Other relevant words:
impend, bitters, threaten, distillation, brewage, develop, jigger, beer, overhang, ale, draft, begin, instillation, near, lager, coffee, microbrewery, freshen, chocolate, preparation, americano, jumble, loom, Chai, guinness, broth, liquor, keg, hang over, set in, start, stout, tea, percolate, lower, brewery, drink, menace, cider, buttermilk.

Usage examples for brew

  1. " Such a hurricane as this," the " Ol' Doc" continued, " has taken many days to brew – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. I was a trespasser, of course; but I was the son of Farmer Morton, an old tenant on the estate, and much in favour with the keepers, by reason of a famous brew which he was ever ready to offer a thirsty man, or to drink himself. – Mr. Marx's Secret by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. Sydney Smith, too; gentle Lamb brew Tennyson, Dickens, Doctor Holmes knew. – The Little Tea Book by Arthur Gray