Synonyms for Wrap up:


account, overview, round up. put on, try on, get dressed, summary, wear, summing up, slip into, rundown, recapitulation, sum, words, clothe, dress, pull on, recap, summation, run-through. completion, conclusion, evaluate, assess, think out, closing, cessation, contemplate, take something into consideration, stopping point, closure, end of the line, ponder, consider, think over, plan, consummation, termination, take a long hard look at someone/something, ending, terminus. notch up, sweep, romp ahead, bring to an end or a conclusion, win, conquer, be placed first/second etc., clinch, triumph. finish (noun)
bring to an end or a conclusion.
outline (noun)
wrap up (noun)
mop up, finish off, polish off, roll up, get through, cover, wrap, clear up, finish up.


body (verb)
change (verb)
roll up.
end (verb)
checkmate, culminate, finish, expire, complete, decease, pass on, exit, cap, close, halt, end, stop, terminate, die, cease, pass away, conclude, finalize, accomplish.
finish (verb)
complete, end, conclude, terminate, polish off, close, halt.

Other synonyms:

clothe, notch up, try on, recapitulation, stopping point, end of the line, recap, romp ahead, pull on, dress, slip into. completion, ending, finish with, consummation, finale, terminus, closure, cessation, termination, put on. conclusion, clinch, run-through, wear. conquer, rundown, win. come to. sweep. complete
get through.
Other relevant words:
mop up, finish off, clear up, get through, recap, clinch, polish off, dress, clothe, cover, finish up, roll up, wrap.