Synonyms for Gather:


soar, go up, add to, multiply, mobilize, scoop up, round up, go through the roof, escalate, draw in, marshal, raise, step up, increase. buy up, find, scrape together, stockpile. glean, alter, sew, mend, stitch, let out, embroider, pin up, turn up. cumulonimbus, cirrocumulus, bank, cloudy, cloud, cull, pick, select, choose, billow, cirrus, column, cumulus, cirrostratus. textile, extract, material, yarn, fiber, cut, fabric, cloth. dig, accrue, follow up, delve, look up, hive, investigate, research, agglomerate, check up on, look into, scout. crop, flock, flash mob, meet with. probe, call, search out, look for, summon, scavenge, search, look out for, go through, hunt down, seek out, pick through. deduct, reason, draw. act (noun)
artifact (noun)
gather (noun)
foregather, accumulate, pucker, amass, gathering, assemble, meet, garner, infer, cumulate, conglomerate, get together, congregate, pull together, tuck, forgather, understand, collect, pile up.
increase (noun)
wrinkle (noun)
corrugation, Infold, flection.


be led to believe; infer (verb)
conclude, suspect, surmise, think, suppose, take, understand, reckon, deduce, expect, assume, find, imagine, judge, presume.
believe (verb)
deem, accept, judge, surmise, hold, believe, conclude, assent, presume, profess, suppose, maintain, credit, affirm, assume, declare, put faith in, give faith, take for granted, trust, understand.
collect (verb)
round up.
come or bring together (verb)
cull, meet, pick, converge, marshal, scrape together, stockpile, swarm, hang around, garner, accumulate, draw in, forgather, get together, crowd, concentrate, assemble, draw, muster, amass, round up, congregate, rally, choose, capture, huddle, cluster, group, throng, associate, collect, flock, pile up, convene, unite, reunite.
congregate (verb)
congregate, assemble, muster, convene, meet.
contact (verb)
collect, pull together, garner.
convoke (verb)
collect, assemble, muster, convene, convoke.
expect (verb)
envisage, dread, deduce, foreknow, apprehend, expect, foresee, infer, forebode, imagine, contemplate, suspect, envision, anticipate, presuppose, await.
focus (verb)
focus, funnel, center, intersect, converge, rally.
harvest, pick out (verb)
extract, crop, select, glean, reap.
meet (verb)
bump into, join, receive, welcome, run into, greet, encounter.
socialize (verb)
attend, host, socialize, hob-nob, talk, converse, befriend.
take (verb)
collect, usurp, appropriate, grab, take, levy, harvest, nab, acquire, reap, bag, impound, deprive, catch, commandeer, capture, procure, monopolize, get, confiscate, amass, annex, abduct.
wrinkle (verb)
fold, wrinkle, pleat, tuck, double, corrugate, furrow, ripple, pucker, crease, crimp.

Other synonyms:

investigate, concentrate, glean, look into, find, check up on, delve, agglomerate. summon, textile, cloth, yarn, hive, meet with. deduct, cluster, fiber, fabric, look up, extract, crop, flash mob, research. scout, cull. flock, dig, follow up, material, pick. call. draw. cut. assemble
bring together
assemble, forgather, flock.
look for, foreknow.
foregather, convoke.

Usage examples for gather

  1. He wasn't so much enamoured of Rowley as all that, and I don't gather that he has much affection or admiration for Burrowes. – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie
  2. Does it come from England, now making great efforts to gather her strength for a long contest? – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed