Synonyms for Stitch:


let out, turn up, mend, embroider, alter, pin up, take in. darn, applique, embroidery, darning, chain stitch, needlepoint, alteration, twinge, cross-stitch, soreness, prickle, needlework, mending. bandage, bleed, bring back, attend, bypass, cauterize, catheterize, anaesthetize, anesthetize. electric shock, growing pains, eyestrain, colic, bellyache, backache, charley-horse. eeg, electrocardiograph, balloon, ekg, ecg, catheter, electrocardiogram, defibrillator, drain, drip. knitting needle, rib, cast off, crochet, cast on, cable stitch, ribbing, needle. fastener (noun)
closure, brad, clip, binding, anchor, connector, bracket, stay, hasp, clamp, hinge, staple, rabbet, skewer, cinch, tack, tie, lock, cement, braid, hawser, link, string, thread, latch, glue, bolt, rivet, band, brace, bonding, go-between, knot, belt, medium, knitting, twine, pin, paste, bond, suture, fastening, clinch, chain, zipper, seal, nail, hitch, Vinculum, strap, buckle, weld, fuse, button, vise, cleat, catch, mucilage, cincture, mediator, coupling, splice, fastener, lace, binder, grapnel, cotter, guy, spike, ligament, hook, snap, agent, middleman, clasp.
muscle spasm (noun)
cramp, crick.
pain (noun)
gripe, agony, pain, crick, Migraine, grief, smarting, headache, throb, hurt, discomfort, torment, bruise, pang, sting, sore, throe, malaise, ache, misery, wound, injury, painfulness, cramp, rack, Back Ache, burn, inflammation, suffering, infliction, torture, wrench, chafing, bite, affliction, spasm, anguish, stab, distress, earache, irritation.
stitch (noun)
sew, sew together.


fasten (verb)
fasten, weave, lash, plait, bind, baste, zip, tether, sew, connect, couple, knit.
join (verb)
make a seam.
join together (verb)
fasten, baste, sew, suture.
pain (verb)
chafe, irritate, inflame, agonize, afflict, suffer, smart.

Other synonyms:

let out, embroider, soreness. twinge, pin up. alter. prickle. take in. attach
Other relevant words:
cauterize, eeg, ekg, electrocardiograph, mending, bypass, crochet, eyestrain, defibrillator, attend, needlework, catheterize, backache, mend, colic, cross-stitch, darn, drip, bandage, needlepoint, darning, ecg, alter, anesthetize, alteration, balloon, catheter, embroider, rib, twinge, bellyache, needle, sew together, cast on, ribbing, bleed, drain, anaesthetize, soreness, prickle, applique, embroidery, electrocardiogram.

Usage examples for stitch

  1. When they come to the seamstress, there has not been a stitch taken in them- they are simply cut out. – White Slaves by Louis A Banks
  2. Old women, ye are welcomed: sit with us, And while we stitch tell us what gossip runs- But if strife might be warmed by spreading it. – The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays by Various