Synonyms for Interpret:


mimic, bang out, portray, evaluate, describe, define, perform, blast, accompany, baton, back, articulation, beat out, atmospherics, make of, arrange, blast away, delineate, enact. explicate, enucleate, run-through, spell out, set out, expound, put across. encode, bilingual, fluency, false beginner, fluent, fidelity, communicative competence, code switching, execute, performing arts, anglophone. make out, perceive, see both sides, be quick/slow on the uptake. interpret (noun)
read, construe, understand, translate, see, render, represent.


creation (verb)
represent, render.
interpret (verb)
explain, translate, annotate, elucidate, restate, report, paraphrase, transcribe, condense, rephrase, analyze, decode, decipher, comment, render.
make sense of; define (verb)
decipher, translate, expound, mimic, portray, comment, annotate, decode, represent, explain, delineate, elucidate, describe, render, paraphrase, read, construe, understand, perform, explicate, spell out, enact, make of.

Other synonyms:

enucleate, put across, set out. run-through, define. perceive, expound. make of, execute. analyze
Other relevant words:
back, evaluate, describe, make of, perceive, enucleate, fluency, make out, mimic, understand, fidelity, see, perform, blast, encode, baton, arrange, define, articulation, atmospherics, spell out, execute, enact, read, expound, construe, fluent, accompany, anglophone, explicate, analyze, delineate, portray, bilingual, represent.

Usage examples for interpret

  1. In fact, he was just the sort of man who should never have attempted to write a Life of George Sand or to interpret George Sand's genius. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde