Synonyms for Curl:


aquarobics, the burn, aerobics, aerobic, circuit training, chin up, bodybuilding, calisthenics, boxercise. turn, snake, circle, spin, meander, revolve, repetition, swirl, corkscrew, twine, entwine, wreathe, rotate, twirl, weave, swing, whirl. body, bushy, coiffed, bald, close-cropped, bad hair day, balding, bedhead, bristly, bouffant. balloon, bubble, ball, crescent, band, cone, bulge. bristle, fuzz, alopecia, crowning glory, forelock, highlights, hairline. curl (noun)
ringlet, wave, scroll, whorl, loop, curlicue, draw in, gyre, coil, kink, curl up, roll, curve, lock.
hair (noun)
loop, ringlet, curve (noun)
swirl, curlicue, coil, kink, whorl, wave.
ringlet (noun)
tress, Lovelock, hair, ringlet.
shape (noun)
curlicue, ringlet, coil, whorl, gyre, scroll, roll.


bend, loop (verb)
meander, twirl, ringlet, roll, entwine, twine, snake, wreathe, turn, curve, corkscrew.
change (verb)
kink, curve.
contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

deform, wreathe, corkscrew. reshape, crowning glory, bend, ball, twine, hair, entwine, forelock, swirl. shape, weave, open up. form. work. crinkle
spin around
twist around
Other relevant words:
tress, forelock, Lovelock, bristle, weave, wreathe, snake, fuzz, entwine, spin, circle, coil, deform, bend, turn, hair, corkscrew, meander, whirl, swirl, twine, shape, twirl, ball.

Usage examples for curl

  1. Within the bungalow, a murmur of voices sounded; and from the huge stone chimney a curl of smoke, arising, told of the evening meal, within, now being made ready. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. And right in the middle of Annabel's brow That curl would always be. – The Re-echo Club by Carolyn Wells
  3. One vagrant curl over her ear had a particular fascination for his eyes. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor