Synonyms for Convene:


choreograph, arrange, organize, set up, hold, plan, stage, prepare, orchestrate. cluster, get together, group, forgather. round up. send for, request. convene (noun)
muster, meet, assemble, gather, convoke, congregate, collect.


bring together; meet (verb)
congregate, get together, collect, assemble, convoke, gather, round up, muster.
congregate (verb)
muster, meet, assemble, gather, forgather, congregate, collect.
convoke (verb)
collect, assemble, convoke, muster, gather.
meet (verb)
study at call.

Other synonyms:

cluster. stage, prepare. plan, arrange. get together. set up. hold. congregate
forgather, assemble.
get together
get together.
Other relevant words:
cluster, plan, send for, organize, arrange, group, stage, get together, hold, forgather, choreograph, orchestrate, prepare, request.

Usage examples for convene

  1. In short, the Duc d'Orleans approved of my scheme, and ordered me to convene a general assembly of the ecclesiastical communities, and to get deputies chosen out of them all, and go with them to Court, there to present the deputation, which should request the King to give peace to his people and return to his good city of Paris. – The Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz, Complete by Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz