Synonyms for Bung:


toss, chuck, clap, dump, slap, shove, stick, throw, plunk, plop. hurl, direct, pitch, lob, project, aim, fling, point. close up, close off, lock out, bolt, block off, shut, seal, jam something open/shut, fasten. flip top, overflow, cap, mouth, lip, compartment, lid. artifact (noun)
bung (noun)
tip, spile.
closure (noun)
cork, cap, obstruction, bolt, blockade, stopper, stop, tap, lid.
hindrance (noun)
drawback, inhibition, deterrent, hindrance, hurdle, restriction, entanglement, encumbrance, stoppage, damper, obstruction, constipation, restraint, impediment, frustration, constraint, entrapment, impasse, interruption, disadvantage, resistance, blockade, barrier, congestion, impedance, obstacle, blockage, opposition, bafflement, complication.
plug (noun)
valve, tap, cork, stopper, spile, cover, spigot.


cast (verb)
toss, project, chuck, pitch, lob, fling, hurl.
hinder (verb)
delay, cramp, dam, frustrate, curb, stop, bar, constrain, entrap, detain, restrain, burden, congest, entangle, bottleneck, paralyze, crimp, impede, cripple, resist, hamstring, deter, thwart, clog, choke, impair, obstruct, interrupt, drag, snag, snarl, jam, hinder, hamper, foul, restrict, encumber, handicap, fetter, plug, block, catch, check, mire, oppose, constipate, baffle, tangle, inhibit, stay, counter, brake, complicate.
launch (verb)
plug (verb)
close, choke, cover, congest, seal, block, clog, obstruct.
possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

flip top. lid, compartment. lip. seal. overflow. cap. Other relevant words:
fling, project, dump, overflow, pitch, tip, lid, hurl, toss, direct, shut, compartment, throw, point, lob, cork, lip, plop, seal, fasten, stick, cap, bolt, close up, plunk, shove, chuck, slap, aim, clap.

Usage examples for bung

  1. He was in fact troublesomely persevering, and walked round and round the cart and over us as we sat drinking our tea, smelling at the casks, and trying to get his nose into the bung holes, and implored for relief as much as an animal could do so by looks. – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  2. Bar- ri- kan's children were: Djar- a- bung female. – Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2) by George Grey