Synonyms for Unconditional:


absolute (adjective)
indubitable, absolute, entire, perfect, conclusive, unequivocal, utter, complete, undeniable, positive, supreme, unmitigated, categorical, consummate, unqualified, infinite, unrestricted, definite, sure, certain.
absolute, total (adjective)
genuine, definite, categorical, positive, complete, entire, certain, full, indubitable, unconstrained, determinate, clear, thorough, unqualified, assured, unquestionable, utter, whole, final, unlimited, outright, unmitigated, unmistakable, thoroughgoing, unrestricted, unequivocal, unreserved, decisive, actual.
all (adjective)
categorical (adjective)
categorical, outright, typical, indubitable, unequivocal, flat, unqualified, sure, undeniable, certain, denominational, definite, absolute.
dead (adjective)
free (adjective)
infinite (adjective)
positive (adjective)
unconstrained, clear, final, actual, unmistakable, entire, without reserve, genuine, decisive, unlimited, thoroughgoing, whole, thorough, assured, determinate, full, unquestionable.


endless, bottomless, limitless, uncontrolled, unregulated, boundless, infinite. unfaltering, big, unquestioning, wholehearted, undoubting, implicit, unhesitating. unconditional (noun)
crude, independent, categoric, blunt, categorical, vested, total, absolute, stark, flat, unconditioned.

Other synonyms:

infinite, boundless, endless, unregulated, limitless, uncontrolled, bottomless, unquestioning. unhesitating, wholehearted, unfaltering, undoubting. unreserved. implicit. Other relevant words:
independent, genuine, unmistakable, thorough, unhesitating, unregulated, full, total, clear, determinate, undoubting, crude, unquestioning, bottomless, thoroughgoing, wholehearted, stark, whole, limitless, categoric, uncontrolled, unfaltering, final, entire, implicit, unlimited, blunt, unreserved, actual, endless, vested, unconditioned, unquestionable, without reserve, decisive, assured, unconstrained.

Usage examples for unconditional

  1. But second thoughts reminded him that the refusal had not been as unconditional as his necessary reservations made it seem in the repetition; and that, furthermore, it was his own act, and not that of his opponents, which had determined it. – Madame de Treymes by Edith Wharton
  2. Neither does it prove that it was unconditional – The Doctrines of Predestination, Reprobation, and Election by Robert Wallace
  3. I must, therefore, insist upon the immediate and unconditional release of all the slaves. – Ismailia by Samuel W. Baker