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sledge - 57 results
Other synonyms:

slide, maul, sleigh, heliskiing, downhill, sled, cross-country skiing, mogul, chairlift, inner-tubing, sledgehammer, luge, move, binding, Aspen.

Examples of usage:

The sledge flew over the slippery road with fearful speed; but the wolf urged yet more his utmost pace, and gained fast upon it. - "Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals", R. Lee.

When they were in the midst of their playing there came a great sledge. - "Journeys Through Bookland V2", Charles H. Sylvester.

So I got his dogs and sledge and hauled him into Headquarters. - "I Married a Ranger", Dama Margaret Smith.

Similar words:

sledge dog, old sledge, sleaze, sleigh, sleeve, sleigh bell, dog sleigh, record sleeve, air sleeve.

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