Synonyms for Stopping:


halt, check, block, hesitation, breaking off, pause, wait, delay, remaining, shutting up, stand-down. artifact (noun)
staying (noun)
delay, pause, remaining, Deterring, Desisting, hesitation, Terminating, halting, ending, closing, holding, Ceasing, wait, check, block, halt.
stopping (noun)


ceasing (verb)
breaking, Pausing, ending, Terminating, Staying, Culminating, Quitting, Remitting, Refraining, Interrupting, Discontinuing, Ceasing, Desisting, Suspending, closing, Abandoning, halting.
closing (verb)
joining, Bolting, locking, fastening, Securing, shutting, sealing, Barricading, Latching.
ending (verb)
dying, winding up, finishing, Deceasing, expiring, exiting, completing, wrapping up, passing on, Accomplishing, Checkmating, passing away, Capping, finalizing, concluding.
giving up (verb)
relinquishing, withdrawing, Resigning, giving up, Surrendering.
hindering (verb)
Burdening, fettering, curbing, Resisting, Bunging, Paralyzing, Complicating, impeding, Delaying, choking, thwarting, jamming, Obstructing, Plugging, Snagging, constipating, countering, Damming, Crimping, blocking, braking, frustrating, Entangling, catching, baffling, Miring, Clogging, Fouling, Handicapping, barring, restricting, Tangling, Cramping, constraining, opposing, Impairing, Deterring, dragging, Hamstringing, Snarling, Hampering, inhibiting, congesting, Restraining, Checking, hindering, Detaining, Entrapping, crippling, bottlenecking, Encumbering.
interrupting (verb)
Relieving, Recessing, Reprieving, Postponing.
plugging (verb)
corking, tapping, covering.
stagnating (verb)
immobilizing, Stagnating, Resting, hibernating, Stilling, idling.
stopping (verb)
freezing, holding.

Other synonyms:

remaining. Other relevant words:
halt, remaining, check, wait, delay, block, fillet, pause, stand-down, hesitation.

Usage examples for stopping

  1. Here, Jim, said Marah suddenly, stopping me in my work, come here to me. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  2. He must have seen Mrs. Packard go up before he left, for he passed by without stopping and the next moment I heard his foot on the stairs. – The Mayor's Wife by Anna Katherine Green
  3. I have seen her, but I am stopping at a hotel. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt