Synonyms for Clout:


bash, strike, whack, sock, welt, thwack, oligopoly, HIT, wallop, monopoly, blow, swat, paste, bang, whop, wham, bop, leadership, conk, attack, greatness, clip, belt, pound. bludgeon, weight, stun, beat up, affect, leverage, batter. butt, bonk, bump, strong, hammer blow, over. let someone have it, catch, slog, pop, smash, knock, sock it to someone, slam, smite. authority (noun)
control, rank, punch, steam, commission, empowerment, faculty, credential, stature, precedence, power, title, entitlement, privilege, domination, prestige, enfranchisement, sway, Prepotency, potency, authority, office, influence, mastery, right, license, primacy, force, strength, charge, powerfulness, birthright, seniority, command, mightiness, superiority, purview, mandate, sovereignty, kingship, might, prerogative, puissance, cogency.
clout (noun)
clout nail.
energy (noun)
influence (noun)
power (noun)
influence, authority, sway, weight, prestige.
strength (noun)
vitality, sturdiness, firmness, toughness, energy, stability, vigor, muscle, stoutness, huskiness, stamina, brawn.


hit (verb)
sock, blow, clip, wallop, whack, strike.

Other synonyms:

bop, bash, blow, whop, hammer blow, bump. leverage, paste, thwack, wallop, wham, sock, knock, conk, whack, smite, HIT. clip, welt, slam. pop, slog, smash, belt. butt, strike. bang. weight. catch. biff
sock it to someone.
Other relevant words:
blow, HIT, clout nail, bonk, batter, leverage, wham, bop, knock, catch, butt, pop, conk, let someone have it, smash, swat, bang, thwack, clip, wallop, paste, smite, leadership, weight, bludgeon, belt, sock, slam, bump, slog, bash, welt, whop, whack, sock it to someone, strike, pound.

Usage examples for clout

  1. One or two also appear in cavalry trousers instead of the native breech- clout and legging. – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King