Synonyms for Mat:


all (adjective)
matte, matted, matt, flat.
darkish (adjective)


carpeting, area rug, hearthrug, linoleum, flooring, bath mat. barbell, cross-trainer, lackluster, light, multigym, bench, exercise bike, lusterless, dim, obstacle course, dumbbell, beam, balance beam. block, foam, fibre, fog, billow, fiber, cloud, hank, froth. leaden, weak, subdued, wan, muted, dusky. slipcover, Dry goods, linen, drapery. artifact (noun)
carpet (noun)
carpet, rug, bathmat, doormat, throw rug.
covering (noun)
floor covering, table runner, place mat, doily, table mat, place setting, doormat.
mat (noun)
felt, lustrelessness, matt, entangle, lusterlessness, tangle, flatness, place mat, felt up, flat, gym mat, matte, master of arts in teaching, snarl, mat up, dull, matting, matted.


contact (verb)
entangle, tangle, snarl.
make interwoven mass (verb)
plait (verb)
felt, tangle, snarl.

Other synonyms:

barbell, area rug, linoleum, slipcover, cross-trainer, carpeting, hearthrug, web, exercise bike, multigym, flooring, bath mat, balance beam. dusky, lackluster, dumbbell, lusterless, obstacle course, Dry goods, muted, linen. subdued, wan, drapery, beam. bench, leaden, dim. Other relevant words:
cross-trainer, gym mat, flooring, mesh, dim, drapery, block, dusky, hank, place mat, table runner, leaden, foam, doily, dull, beam, light, straw mat, subdued, snarl, lustrelessness, flatness, fiber, matting, hearthrug, wattle, fibre, linen, linoleum, cloth, multigym, cover, matt, carpeting, slipcover, lusterlessness, table mat, tablecloth, dumbbell, cloud, entangle, lackluster, network, felt up, barbell, lusterless, floor covering, weak, wan, billow, fog, master of arts in teaching, web, matted, muted, felt, matte, tangle, place setting, bench, Intertexture, flat, mat up, froth.

Usage examples for mat

  1. Between the pantry and the altar, on a hair- mat spread on the floor, sleeps his Reverence. – The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani
  2. I suppose it's wicked, Mat – The Fatal Glove by Clara Augusta Jones Trask
  3. Jem turned to look for the mat but he saw none. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth