Synonyms for Foot:


bedstead, arch, pad, bedroll, bedpost, berth, bunk, bedside, extremity, bedhead, kicker, paw, bassinet, Air bed, dog, heel. blank, annex, amendment, box, footing, contents, annexe, coda, pier, attachment, attention line. auxiliary, analog, accent, broken, clockwork, clever, automatic, built, cordless, automatically, interval. ball, appendage, calf, arm, pace, big toe, tread, walk, ankle, clubfoot, move, armpit, ambulate. bump, back, apex, confines, edge, dance, bevel, corner, repetition, brim, work. buttonhole, cast, breast pocket, tot, care label, increase, bib, add, armhole, totalize, sum, total, collar, bodice, coattails. pentameter, quatrain, iamb, dactyl, substratum, over, iambic, hexameter, canto, couplet, heroic couplet, ground, bed, Underpinning. cm, centimetre, length, bore, in. base (noun)
ground, bed, footing, Underpinning, basement, substructure, groundwork, substratum.
basis (noun)
body (noun)
pes, human foot.
bottom (noun)
foundation, bottom, nadir, sole, base, underneath, depths, underside, basement.
foot (noun)
leg it, understructure, human foot, substructure, paw, animal foot, groundwork, metrical unit, ft, foundation, pes, infantry, hoof it, fundament, pick, pier, bottom, base, pad, invertebrate foot, hoof, metrical foot, nadir.
measure (noun)
block, meter, ell, kilometer, millimeter, decimeter, rod, step, minute, criterion, cubit, knot, decameter, league, angstrom, measure, mil, fathom, mile, hectometer, second, yard, inch, centimeter, furlong, micron.
walking (noun)
marching, running, Hiking, walking.


cast (verb)
add, sum, total, tot.
count (verb)
possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

ambulate, caster, cm, castor, quatrain, dactyl, hexameter, annexe, iamb, couplet, pentameter, canto, attention line, centimetre, heroic couplet, heel, annex, drawer. iambic, tread, extremity, shelf, footing, amendment, substratum. dance, coda, Underpinning, blank, ground. leaf, attachment. length, box. leg. bed. pace, walk, runner. cast. in. add
add up

Usage examples for foot

  1. It would take less time to go to the camp on foot than to try to get the car on the road. – Operation Terror by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  2. Michael never set foot in it. – Timar's Two Worlds by Mór Jókai