Synonyms for Drawback:


loss, flip side, price, limitation. blemish (noun)
notch, lesion, slit, weal, disfigurement, fracture, freckle, hack, scrape, imperfection, speck, hurt, spoilage, fleck, kink, check, spot, brand, scab, fault, splotch, abrasion, scar, blemish, deformity, blister, stigma, flaw, stain, nick, chip, sore, eyesore, pockmark, score, rift, blot, scratch, scuff, discoloration, mark, defacement, tarnish, dot, mar, damage, distortion, blotch, defect, impurity, wart, gash.
disadvantage (noun)
hindrance, flaw, check, handicap, imperfection, snag, defect, impediment, fault, detriment, obstacle.
drawback (noun)
hurdle, catch, flaw, handicap, damper, imperfection, barrier, hindrance, fault, impediment, defect, disadvantage, snag, obstacle, limitation.
hindrance (noun)
impediment, constraint, interruption, choke, stay, bung, impasse, dam, catch, impedance, deterrent, complication, tangle, crimp, drag, brake, mire, congestion, disadvantage, plug, barrier, stoppage, inhibition, opposition, delay, block, frustration, clog, snag, entrapment, damper, blockade, entanglement, resistance, stop, blockage, restriction, jam, bafflement, hindrance, snarl, constipation, obstruction, hurdle, obstacle, bottleneck, restraint.
loss (noun)
penalty (noun)
judgment, encumbrance, abatement, forfeiture, premium, retribution, chastisement, penalty, deduction, correction, punishment.
shortcoming (noun)


penalize (verb)
forfeit, burden, discount, encumber, chastise, judge, abate, fine, discipline, handicap, correct, deduct, Retribute, punish, penalize.

Other synonyms:

flip side, minus. limitation. price, loss.

Usage examples for drawback

  1. Arnold had plenty to say- with the drawback of not knowing how to say it. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  2. And this may have been a drawback to him as the poet of political action, of heroic adventure, and of human character. – The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Virgil by W. Y. Sellar