Synonyms for Interruption:


allusion, back talk, bromide, barb, acknowledgment, comment, bon mot, afterthought, aside, backchat. discontinuation, discontinuity, cooling-off period, continue. prevention, proscription, discouragement, sabotage, retardation, paralysis. break; interference (noun)
delay, hitch, gap, arrest, impediment, interval, intermission, obstruction, parenthesis, disruption, cessation, pause, halt, discontinuance, hiatus, stop, suspension, stoppage, hindrance, obstacle, lacuna, intrusion.
check (noun)
intrusion, lacuna, arrest, holding over, parenthesis, interference.
ending (noun)
hindrance (noun)
choke, encumbrance, dam, handicap, opposition, block, delay, resistance, constraint, snarl, drag, clog, hurdle, constipation, brake, hindrance, impedance, bafflement, deterrent, entanglement, snag, obstacle, bottleneck, inhibition, plug, burden, blockade, complication, stop, jam, restraint, blockage, entrapment, disadvantage, bung, damper, drawback, mire, tangle, impediment, catch, obstruction, barrier, congestion, crimp, restriction, impasse, frustration.
interruption (noun)
hitch, recess, suspension, intermission, disruption, break, relief, reprieve, interval, interlude, gap, postponement, pause.
stop (noun)
prevention, discontinuation, discontinuity.

Other synonyms:

prevention, discontinuity, lacuna. cooling-off period, interference, paralysis, arrest, discouragement. discontinuation. sabotage. Other relevant words:
barb, bromide, allusion, gap, interference, afterthought, aside, lacuna, backchat, arrest, intermission, continue, disruption, discontinuation, comment, parenthesis, intrusion, retardation, break, sabotage, discouragement, acknowledgment, proscription, discontinuity, paralysis, prevention.

Usage examples for interruption

  1. Not but that an interruption or two did occur. – The Crofton Boys by Harriet Martineau
  2. The most significant occurrence was Cardinal Capalti's interruption of Strossmayer's speech. – Letters From Rome on the Council by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger
  3. Having enough, and to spare, they seek their pleasure from day to day, with scarcely an interruption of their established course. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams