Synonyms for Weal:


better, prosperity, bedsore, boil, black eye, abscess, athlete's foot, blackhead, welfare, well-being. civilise, cross-cultural, the community, civilized, civilization, advanced, civilisation, civilize, cultural, civil society. blemish (noun)
discoloration, damage, blot, scratch, brand, slit, scab, scuff, abrasion, nick, hack, mark, scar, speck, wart, kink, dot, defect, blotch, flaw, fault, mar, notch, sore, lesion, eyesore, disfigurement, distortion, imperfection, freckle, score, hurt, pockmark, check, deformity, gash, fleck, blemish, splotch, spot, tarnish, impurity, chip, fracture, blister, stigma, scrape, defacement, drawback, stain, rift, spoilage.
blister (noun)
boil, sore, welt, abscess.
swelling (noun)
blister, wart.
wale (noun)
weal (noun)
scar, prosperity, welt, wheal, wale, well-being.
well-being (noun)

Other synonyms:

prosperity, well-being, welfare. welt
Other relevant words:
cultural, welfare, civilise, civilize, wale, blackhead, bedsore, welt, advanced, civilization, civilized, boil, prosperity, wheal, better, civilisation, abscess, cross-cultural, well-being.

Usage examples for weal

  1. A cruel lash across the face from the Spaniard's whip- a lash which tore away the skin and left a livid bloody weal on both cheeks- only maddened him the more; seeing which, the negro who, with the Spaniard, was in charge of the party, sprang upon him, and, gripping him by the throat, hurled him to the ground with such brutal force that the poor fellow lay there, for a time stunned. – The Voyage of the Aurora by Harry Collingwood
  2. The great length of the sentence delivered shows how anxious the government was to be justified in its acts, and in deed the public weal seemed, after what had gone before, to demand such an issue. – The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli by Johann Hottinger