Synonyms for Fracture:


cleavage, bruising, loss, sprain, injury, bruise, concussion, disjunction, self-injury, dislocation, Disseverment. wound, burnout, blight, burn. creak, poach, slack, breakup, co-opt, malaise, splinter, reshuffle, help. blemish (noun)
discoloration, imperfection, eyesore, rift, fault, spoilage, abrasion, scab, distortion, weal, impurity, wart, stigma, drawback, deformity, brand, blotch, sore, disfigurement, defacement, lesion.
break, rupture (noun)
disjunction, splinter, rift, cleavage, wound.
fracture (noun)
cracking, geological fault, fault, break, shift.
gap (noun)
state (noun)


body (verb)
disintegrate (verb)
rupture, degenerate, disintegrate, rot, anatomize, dissect, break, putrefy, decompose, crumble, shatter, decay, dissolve, turn, mortify.

Other synonyms:

concussion, reshuffle, injury, cleavage, self-injury. bruising, sprain, splinter, breakup, dislocation, slack. malaise, wound, co-opt, creak. bruise, loss, poach. shatter
Other relevant words:
co-opt, disjunction, sprain, blight, help, loss, injury, splinter, burn, poach, dislocation, reshuffle, cracking, Disseverment, shift, bruise, geological fault, concussion, slack, breakup, self-injury, malaise, creak, burnout, wound, cleavage, bruising.

Usage examples for fracture

  1. Of the thirteen who wore helmets, not one had a skull fracture – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  2. " Fracture my turret," says the old sea- dog, " if I don't think this gun will surpass the Armstrong; blockade me, if I don't." – The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 3 by Robert H. Newell