Synonyms for Episode:


clip, coverage, action replay, filler, highlights, the credits, content, break, commentary. development, attack, news, bout, thing, relapse, illness, seizure, flare up, happen, spell, breakout. show, life, showcase, phenomenon. act (noun)
adventure; scene (noun)
experience, happening, interlude, occasion, installment, occurrence, passage, circumstance, thing, event, chapter.
circumstance (noun)
happening, situation, conjuncture, moment, incidence, landmark, milestone, status, event, condition, basis, occurrence, occasion, cardinal point, juncture, circumstance, instant.
episode (noun)
instalment, sequence, installment.
occurrence (noun)
prose (noun)
narrative, retelling, fable, plot, reminiscence, prosaicness, chronicle, novel, legend, parable, epic, scenario, plainness, tale, account, myth, anecdote, reading matter, prose, short story, storyline, serial, saga, novella, yarn, allegory, story, romance, fiction, recount.


happening (verb)
experience, study at occurrence, scene, passage, chapter, adventure, interlude.

Other synonyms:

clip, commentary, action replay. coverage, flare up, phenomenon, seizure, bout. relapse, break, showcase, breakout. spell. news. attack, development. life. show. thing. part
Other relevant words:
sequence, news, break, thing, passage, relapse, development, scene, installment, bout, attack, spell, adventure, phenomenon, interlude, chapter, clip, experience, coverage, instalment.

Usage examples for episode

  1. He had taught himself to look upon that little episode with Mary as though it had really meant nothing. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  2. So Miss Darrel ate her dinner alone, with no feeling of alarm, but a slight annoyance at the episode – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells