Synonyms for Bust:


kill off, suppress, shut off, stamp out, hold back, squeeze out, cut into, interfere with. clean, crack den, cold turkey, dependence, addiction, comedown, abuse, crackhouse. broken, explosion, faulty, battered, shot, apart, down, pop, blow, kaput, Trashed, wrecked, flawed. tame, wild, breathalyze, master, Breath Test, book, body search, gentle, bounty hunter. detail, money, fort, fatigues, garrison, base, clean out, pauperize, billet, generalship, dog tag, impoverish. crash, go under, cup, fold, cleavage, curve, boob, falsies. rise, if it's the last thing I do, if it kills you, downgrade, wild horses couldn't..., degrade, and damn the consequences/expense etc., where there's a will, there's a way, reduce, there's no stopping someone, in for a penny, in for a pound, won't take no for an answer, I/we etc. will not rest until.... clip, punch, slap, box, strike, attack, cuff, spat, buffet, spank, whack, swat, smack. nab, pinch, arrest, law, seize, apprehend, pick up, collar, run-in. arrest for illegal action (noun)
arrest, pinch, raid, nab.
bankruptcy (noun)
liquidator, receiver, repo man, bankruptcy, official receiver, insolvency.
breast (noun)
torso, bosom, chest.
bust (noun)
burst, poor, wear out, flop, raid, break, skint, stone-broke, bout, rupture, binge, broke, stony-broke, tear, wear, snap, fall apart.
chest of human (noun)
bosom, chest.
disappointment (noun)
event (noun)
failure (noun)
miscarriage, thrashing, downfall, fiasco, waterloo, debacle, Noncompletion, failure, trouncing.
figurehead (noun)
representation (noun)
duplication, depiction, facsimile, analogy, imitation, figurine, portrayal, silhouette, statue, model, illustration, impression, miniature, picture, image, cartoon, likeness, metaphor, snapshot, rendering, outline, pastiche, replica, idol, cast, copy, effigy, carving, representation, drawing, approximation, photograph.
sculpture (noun)
figure, molding, pedestal, cameo, relief, bronze, mannequin, plinth, carve, plaster cast, bas relief, sculpture, phallus.
taking into custody (noun)


arrest for illegal action (verb)
pick up, apprehend, collar.
change (verb)
contact (verb)
physically break (verb)
rupture, burst, fold.
ruin, impoverish (verb)
break, fail, pauperize, crash.

Other synonyms:

dog tag, bosom, breathalyze, crackhouse, generalship, pauperize, cold turkey, arrest, crack den, bounty hunter, fatigues, Breath Test, body search, falsies. cleavage, addiction, spank, collar, impoverish, bankruptcy, fort, garrison, downgrade, punch, billet, apprehend, insolvency, comedown, slap. degrade, nab, whack, boob, pop, cuff. buffet, pinch, spat, clip. clean, fold, smack, crash. blow, reduce. curve, detail. seize, book, cup. base. bankruptcy
liquidator, official receiver, repo man, receiver.
clean out, pauperize.

Usage examples for bust

  1. " What," she inquired with gravity, " is the past tense of bust – An Alabaster Box by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
  2. The figure was placed in profile, with eye and bust twisted to show the front view, and the long feet projected one beyond the other, as in the Nile pictures. – A Text-Book of the History of Painting by John C. Van Dyke
  3. She don't dare speak loud for fear her silly heart would bust – The Untamed by Max Brand