Synonyms for Bloody:


(used as intensifier) (adjective)
very, blasted.
bleeding (adjective)
open, gory, grisly, sanguinary, wounded, crimson, raw, gaping.
grisly (adjective)
hard-fought (adjective)
murderous, slaughterous, homicidal, savage, heavy, ferocious, cutthroat, fierce, bloodthirsty.
murderous (adjective)
sanguinary, slaughterous, sanguineous, bloody-minded.


any, e'en, e'er, awfully, unhurt, gaping, even, whole, crimson, entirely, awful, actual, open, actively, grisly, wounded, gory, raw. fierce, suicidal, harm, savage, disable, cut, break, bruise, expensive, wound, injure, murderous, sanguinary, heavy, light, burn, strain, easy, hand to hand, ferocious. brutal, damned, rotten, vicious, barbarous, thuggish, disorderly, cursed, vile, riotous. very, extremely, son of a bitch, damn it/you/him etc., get stuffed, exceedingly, goddammit, excessively. blood. sanguineous. bloody-minded, help, cutthroat, homicidal, slaughterous, bloodthirsty. blamed, blessed, execrable, infernal, accursed, ruddy, confounded, blasted, like, darn. bloodstain, Ensanguine, imbrue. bloody (noun)
sanguinary, savage, murderous, sanguineous, gory, ferocious, brutal, fierce, bloodthirsty.
red (noun)


dirty (verb)
dirty, grimy, squalid, unclean, contaminated, unsanitary, grubby, filthy, unhygienic, messy.

Other synonyms:

any, actual, blamed, imbrue, goddammit, e'en, fierce, Ensanguine, bloodstain, awfully, blasted. actively, entirely, execrable, even, accursed, son of a bitch, damned. confounded, darn, ruddy, infernal, awful, whole, cursed. blessed. Other relevant words:
blessed, cursed, squalid, bloodstain, heavy, unhygienic, accursed, gory, imbrue, goddammit, expensive, ferocious, break, fierce, suicidal, bloodthirsty, strain, barbarous, gaping, open, actively, grubby, cut, murderous, dirty, excessively, blood, brutal, easy, blamed, grimy, exceedingly, bruise, ruddy, extremely, messy, any, even, filthy, very, help, unclean, slaughterous, disable, actual, wound, bloody-minded, darn, infernal, execrable, unhurt, Ensanguine, injure, rotten, savage, unsanitary, whole, riotous, harm, crimson, raw, vicious, awfully, like, e'en, sanguinary, light, awful, homicidal, wounded, damned, confounded, burn, sanguineous, contaminated, grisly, vile, thuggish, entirely, cutthroat, blasted, disorderly.

Usage examples for bloody

  1. They were the results of the bloody work of the " Cheka" at Minnusinsk. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  2. See how bloody I am! – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  3. The walls are quite bloody – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child