Synonyms for Bruising:


disgusting, sickening, despicable, vile, revolting, horrible, detestable, appalling, repulsive, dreadful. injury, fracture, self-injury, concussion, sprain, loss, wound, bruise, scrape. slander, under a cloud, ignominy, discredit, smear, smear campaign, character assassination, loss of face. hull, flesh, peelings, dextrose, pectin, juice, peel, core, nectar. bruising (noun)
forceful, harmful.


pulping (verb)
Mashing, crushing, Pulping, Squashing.

Other synonyms:

fracture, concussion, pectin, self-injury, dextrose, peelings. injury, sprain. nectar, wound. flesh, loss, peel, bruise, hull. juice. scrape. core. Other relevant words:
concussion, harmful, core, fracture, loss, detestable, discredit, horrible, flesh, peelings, vile, smear, self-injury, hull, injury, slander, wound, dreadful, sickening, juice, pectin, appalling, peel, scrape, repulsive, nectar, sprain, bruise, forceful, despicable, disgusting, ignominy, dextrose, revolting.

Usage examples for bruising

  1. Almost instantly something whizzed by her, striking the end of a pillow and bruising her arm. – The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. Men say it was at Nocera that she died, but it must have been here that her noble spirit fretted most sorely against fate, bruising itself like a poor lark flapping against its prison bars. – Naples Past and Present by Arthur H. Norway